The students of the Mexican Chabad yeshiva. Photo: Chabad-Lubavitch


Chabad-Lubavitch, a worldwide Hassidic movement to promote Judaism and Jewish religious studies and practices, opened its first yeshiva rabbinical school in Mexico on Sunday, Aug. 26.

The new yeshiva, which is under the direction of Rabbi Mendel Mayzlesh, son of Rabbi Yossef Mayzlesh, director of Chabad in Mexico, is the first and only Tomchei Tmimim yeshiva in the country.

Unlike most yeshiva programs around the world, the Tomchei Tmimim Talmudic program incorporates Jewish mystical (Kabbalist) studies and community service programs into its curriculum.

It also offers smaller, more personalized classes to its students, thus providing them with a more intimate interrelationship with Chabad and the local community.

The Chabad Tomchei Tmimim in Mexico currently has nine students from around the globe, including Israel, the United States, Canada, the Netherlands and Romania.

After one year of study in Mexico, the yeshiva students will return to the Tomchei Tmimim headquarters in New York, where they will complete their rabbinical studies and be ordained.

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