In today’s anything-goes world of multihued rainbow hair, barely-there transparent catsuits and sky-high heels that can give you altitude sickness, it may seem that it is hard to make a stand-out statement with your attire without investing in a Meghan Markle-worthy tiara or suffering a wardrobe malfunction that bares it all Janet Jackson-style.

Something as simple as a quirky hat can be your signature fashion statement. Photo:

But while we may not all be trendsetting Lady Gagas, we can make a positive impression with how we dress.

Bright colors and stark contrasts of patterns and textures will definitely draw attention, as will muted, understated outfits with look-at-me accessories.

Bold designs and pop neon prints are also sure to catch the eye.

Wearing an attention-grabbing item can pull an outfit together and give it a pop of glamour, making it distinctively yours.

That little Hermes scarf tucked discreetly on the side of your handbag or those drop-dead Badgley Mischka stilletos will certainly make you shine.

The secret is to complement your statement item — be it jewelry, shoes or a stunning sequined jacket — with minamalist, monochrome backdrop clothing that will not distract from its limelight. (In other words, don’t overdo it: One statement at a time.)

Also, remember that you don’t have to spend a fortune on a statement piece, although it is best to invest in quality, since this is an item that will be scrutinized by all who see you and will reflect your personal brand fashion-wise.

Keep in mind that fine clothing and accessories never go out of style, which means that an extra expediture now will keep your statement piece timely for a much longer period.

Here are some new trending fashion items that will make you the star of your own runway.

Eyeconic Eyewear

Put on a pair of glasses, and the whole world takes notice.

Photo: Lacoste

Rocking a pair of chic eyeglasses is a great way to make a fashion statement.

Whether you wear the glasses to correct your vision or just as a fashion accessory, eyewear is the quintessential style accessory.

The Lacoste clothing brand, with its signature green crocodile logo, has become synonymous with elegant sportswear, and this year it is celebrating its 85th anniversary since its founding by tennis player René Lacoste back in 1933.

To honor the legacy of René, and the brand’s classic polo shirt and universally popular cricket sweaters that jettisoned the brand into casual elegance fashion, Lacoste this year has given a retro twist to all its designs, including its iconic sporty eyewear.

Photo: Lacoste

Reminiscent of the traditional Lacoste tricolor pattern and legacy design, the Lacoste 2018 fall/winter eyewear collection includes vibrant color blocking, striping and piping, classic pique texture and the ever-recognizable crocodile logo.

Distributed exclusively in Mexico by the New York-based eyeglass and sunglass manufacturer and distributor Marchon, Lacoste eyewear is the epitome of good taste and elegance.

The so-called Crocodile brand combines sports fashion and contemporary design to create haute performance eyewear suited for athletes and trendsetting  fashionistas alike.

Step Out in Style

Shoes say a lot about a person, male or female.

Photo: Dorothy Gaynor

If your eyes are the window to the soul, your shoes are a panorama of just about everything else.

The Mexican footwear brand Dorothy Gaynor’s new fall/winter men and women’s collections are all about elegance and sophistication, with updated classic pumps for ladies and suit-up oxfords for men.

Best of all, these shoes are made in Mexico, so when you wear them you are supporting the national economy and homegrown artisans.

Photo: Capa de Ozono

And for a more relaxed and casual look, check out Dorothy Gaynor’s sister company, Capa de Ozono, with rough-and-tumble tennis and easy-to-wear sports shoes with a focus on comfort that doesn’t compromise style.

Geared to a younger market, these shoes are all about being cool, with Mexican fashion-forward design.

Both brands are now available for online purchases.

Leave a Memorable Fragrance Trail

If you really want to make a strong impression, try wearing an impressive perfume.

Photo: Dior

Nothing conjures up memories and emotions quite like an alluring scent.

Dior has just launched its latest new fragrance creation, Joy, a sassy floral ode to light and happiness, developed by Dior inhouse perfumier François Demachy and fronted by movie star Jennifer Lawrence.

“JOY by Dior expresses the remarkable feeling of joy through an interpretation of light,” explains Demachy.

“This perfume resembles certain pointillist paintings that are rich with a precise, yet not too obvious, technique.”

Photo: Dior

He goes on to say that “this perfume is constructed in a similar manner thanks to multiple nuances and myriad facets, which lead to a crystal-clear fragrance expression.”

Joy opens with a glowing bouquet of Grasse rose and heady jasmine, interspersed with zested bergamot and Chinese mandarin, and eases into warm and seductive accords of sandalwood and cedar.

The new Dior eau de parfum closes with the serenity of white musk and patchouli, enveloped with balmy nuances that are a unique expression of feminine individuality and sensuality.

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