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It’s great that you follow a beauty routine faithfully, washing your face twice a day, slathering on sunscreen before going outdoors, conditioning your hair after shampooing, and always applying primer before putting on makeup.

These daily habits can have a big impact on keeping your skin and hair looking great.

But sometimes you need to add an additional step to give your appearance an extra boost.

That could mean adding an extra layer of face cream at night when the weather is dry, or washing your hands more frequently if pollution levels are high, or reapplying an extra dose of lip balm when your lips are chapped.

Or it could mean using an exfoliator once or twice a week to rid your face of dead skin cells and reveal a brighter complexion.

Or giving your hair a wholesome rush of nutrients with a nourishing fruity masque.

Or adding sparkle and highlights to your face with a cosmetic highlighter.

These simple little extra steps could make your look go from humdrum to marvelous.

So here are some new products that can make a big difference in giving your daily beauty routine a bonus upgrade.

Ring Out the Old (Skin)

Nothing revives dull skin, removes impurities or minimizes pores quite like exfoliation.

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A good exfoliant can leave your skin fresh and glowing, which also makes it look younger.

But if the exfoliant or face scrub you use is too harsh, it can harm your skin, removing too much of its outer layer and stripping your face of its crucial protective barrier against environmental irritants.

That is why the Spanish pharmacosmetic company MartiDerm has introduced a dermatologically tested, gentle but effective Essentials Exfoliante Facial Face Scrub that cleans skin deep down and eliminates blackheads without harming the delicate living cells of the epidermis.

MartiDerm Essentials Exfoliante Facial’s triple action formula cleans, fights bacteria and regulates skin’s natural renewal process while scuffing off dead cells and controlling excess oil production.

Feed Your Hair

Garnier has just released four new one-minute hair masques that not only leave your locks smooth and beautiful, but also help nurture hungry tresses.

Photo: Garnier

Enriched with key superfood fruits and free of parabens, silicones and artificial coloring, Fructis Hair Food comes in four temptingly delicious presentations: Aguacate (Avocado), to nourish; Coco (Coconut) to repair damage; Banana, to add strength; and Goji to add shine.

All four products are composed of 98 percent natural vegan ingredients and can be used alone or combined to give hair an extra boost every time you wash it.

And best of all, each masque has a unique scent to leave hair smelling delicious all day long.

Light Up Your Face

Sisley has a brand new Stylo Lumière, an all-in-one cushioned pen that captures light, conceals signs of fatigue and immediately softens fine lines and wrinkles with a single twist.

Photo: Sisley

In just seconds, the Stylo Lumière highlighter brightens shadowy areas and disguises imperfections for a fresh, ultra-natural complexion.

It instantly boosts skin’s radiance through Sisley’s exclusive “Spectacular Light” pigments, with a near-diamond quality refraction to smooth surfaces.

These pigments function like a thousand tiny mirrors to cloak skin in a halo of light.

Additionally, the Sisley Stylo Lumière pen bathes skin with a nourishing combination of acai extract (to add glow), golden apple tree extract (to enhance light reflection), oat seed extract (to tight and smooth fine lines), and white lily extract (to hydrate and increase comfort).

Available in four luminous shades (Pearly Rose, Peach Rose, Soft Beige and Golden Beige), the Stylo Lumière has a supple, lightweight texture that glides on like a second skin without caking, and its unique long-lasting formula resists rubbing, thanks to an original combination of two polymers, one that hydrates and one that creates a protective film without clogging skin.

Photo: Sisley

The Stylo Lumière pen can be used alone or under or over makeup.

This is definitely an extra step worth taking to give highlight your face’s best features.

By the way, Sisley will also be coming out with some tempting new additions to its Phyto-Twist makeup collection come November, including a rosy new shade for its Phyto-Lip Twist, three new shades for its Phyto-Eye Twist and two new shades for its Phyto-Blush Twist.

More on those in an upcoming Trending Beauty column.


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