Photo: MGM


If horror and gore are your thing, Mexico City’s 11th annual Morbid Film Festival might be just up your (dark) alley.

Timed to open on Halloween night (of course), the 11-day festival will include more than 35 international flicks from eight countries, all guaranteed to scare the bejeebers out of you.

This year, the film fest, with a central theme of war and conflict, will be presented simultaneously at the Mexican capital’s Cinépolis Diana, Biblioteca Vasconcelos, Casa del Lago, Metro Zapata, Metro Coyoacán, Cinemania, Centro de Cultura Digital, Autocinema Coyote and Le Fería de Chapultepec.

Among the horror film celebs who will be flying in to attend the festival arePeter Medak, director of “The Changeling,” and Ashley Lawrence, star of the “Hellraiser” sequels.

And in recognition of the 30th anniversary of that all-time terror cult classic “Chucky,” there will be short cinematographic parodies of the diabolic doll.

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