Photo: Pfizer/Glamour


As part of a national month-long effort to help in the fight against breast cancer – the number one cause of cancer deaths in Mexican women – the U.S. pharmaceutical giant Pfizer and Glamour México magazine have joined forces to launch a campaign to encourage women to give themselves monthly self-examinations and to encourage early detection and treatment.

The campaign, titled “Vive con Glamour” (“Live with Glamour”), enlists the support of Mexican celebrities and includes the broadcast of television, print and other media spots to promote public awareness and encourage women to learn to care for their bodies so that if they do get breast cancer, they can be treated in its early stages, before it has metastasized to other organs.

It also includes a massive social media campaign and a series of lectures and events to spur awareness among the Mexican public.

October is International Breast Cancer Month.

Although there is no cure for breast cancer – which one in eight Mexican women suffer from in their lifetimes – early detection can dramatically decrease the incidence of deaths from the disease.


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