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According to Mexico’s Executive Secretariat of National System of Public Safety (SESNSP), as President Enrique Peña Nieto’s six-year term of office comes to a close, the country has suffered nearly 125,000 murders under his watch.

That figures translates to a daily average of 55 deaths for the sexenio.

As of October of this year, the SESNSP said in a report released on Tuesday, Nov. 20, the country has registered a total of 121,948 homicides since Peña Nieto took office on Dec. 1, 2012.

If the current trend continues, the SESNSP said, by the end of November there will have been at least 124,408 committed in the country in the last six years.

Former Mexican President Felipe Calderón, who preceded Pela Nieto, ended his administration with a tab of 103,000 murders.

The SESNSP also reported that 2018 is slated to be the year with the highest number of registered murders.

Of the murders reported in the first 10 months of 2018, the SESNSP, more than 70 were the result of the use of a firearm.

The states with the highest percentage of per capita homicides are Colima,  Baja California, Guerrero and Chihuahua, the report said.


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