Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO) announced on Monday, Jan. 21, that his government will hold a nationwide sale of more than 200 armored vehicles that belonged to the now-defunct Estado Mayor Presidencial (EMP) presidential body guards.

Last month, shortly after taking office, AMLO complied with one of his campaign promises to put the $218 million presidential jet, which was purchase by former Mexican President Felipe Calderón at the end of his 2006-2012 term and which López Obrador has called “a symbol of excess,” up for sale.

The plane was sent to California, where it is currently being revamped while awaiting a buyer.

In addition to the bulletproof vehicles, AMLO also announced the sale of 80 other airplanes that had belonged to the EMP, which are now being held at the Santa Lucía Airforce Base, which the president has earmarked for expansion after his controversial decision to halt construction of the massive New International Mexican Airport (NAIM).


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