AMLO Announces Expanded Basic Foods Basket



Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO) announced a new and expanded basket of basic food items on Tuesday, Jan. 29.

The new basic food basket, considered essential for all Mexicans, contains 40 products, nearly double the 23 items in the previous basket.

In addition to beef, chicken, pork, bread, eggs, and fresh and dried fish, the new basket includes potable water, hibiscus flowers, tamarinds, unsweetened powered rice, garbanzos, peas, gelatin, fruits, vegetables, peanuts, sesame seeds, chia and amaranto.

All the ítems in the new basket will be available as affordable prices in government-run stores across the country.

The announcement of the expanded basic foods basket was made during a presentation of a new government program called Nobody in Mexico Should be Hungry or Malnourished.



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