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You have a wardrobe of clothes, shoes, jewelry, lipstick colors and nail varnishes.

But a wardrobe of skin foundations, with various textures, finishes and coverages? Do you really need a cupboard of different types of base makeups?

Dior International Pro Team makeup artist Nicolas Berreteaga. Photo: Nutrição e Beleza

Dior International Pro Team makeup artist Nicolás Berreteaga says yes.

“Your foundation is the … well, foundation of your entire makeup look,” Berreteaga told Pulse News Mexico during a presentation of Dior’s latest Forever foundation makeup line, which not only comes in a variety of 40 shades (28 of which are available in Mexico), but also offers a selection of sub-shades and finishes.

“You don’t want to wear the same foundation when you are going to be hanging around the house as when you are going to a red carpet event.”

Berreteaga said that for most occasions, you probably want to wear a matte finish, but for special nights out, a glowing finish can make your sparkle and give your skin a radiant luminosity.

“Dior Forever, which stays put for up to 24 hours and has a built-in FPS 35 sunscreen, now comes in two finishes, matte and glow,” he said.

Dior Forever also offers a choice of cool, warm or neutral sub-shades so that you can better match your skin tone.

“The secret to wearing foundation makeup is to find a shade that is as close to your natural color as possible,” Berreteaga said.

Photo: Dior

“Makeup should always look natural, and it can’t do that if the color isn’t the same shade as your own skin.”

Once you have chosen the right shade (which may entail a sit-down with a beauty consultant who can help guide you), Berreteaga said you should decide what type of finish you are after.

“I recommend having both a glowing and a matte finish in your foundation wardrobe so you can choose depending on your mood and what you will be doing each day,” he said.

As the cold weather season begins to subside, Berreteaga said that glowing skin is going to become very popular for spring and summer, even for daytime makeup.

“Try out different makeup and foundation styles and choose what you feel best in,” he said.

Photo: Dior

Berreteaga said that the third factor that you need to consider when selecting and applying foundation is coverage.

“If you are going to be casual, you might just want to skip foundation entirely and use instead a BB or CC cream, both of which provide minimal color and coverage,” he said.

“But if you want full or medium coverage, then you will need a foundation.”

Berreteaga said that the best foundations are those that are “buildable,” which means that you can vary the degree of coverage by the amount of foundation you apply.

“One of the things I like most about the Dior Forever foundation is that it is buildable, so you can use the same foundation to get different coverages.”

Finally, Berreteaga said that when applying foundation, be sure to use a brush and “blend, blend, blend.”

“You don’t want to have telltale lines that show where your skin leaves off and your foundation begins,” he said.

“With the right color and the appropriate finish and coverage, you can always look gorgeous, and that is what makeup is all about, accentuating your natural beauty.”





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