Colombian Ambassador to Mexico , left, with Presidente InterContinental Polanco general director Guillermo Valencia. Pulse News Mexico photo/Thérèse Margolis


Colombian Ambassador to Mexico Patricia Eugenia Cárdenas Santamaría, in cooperation with the La Cometa Gallery in Bogota, inaugurated an exhibit of contemporary art from that South American country in the lobby of the Presidente InterContinental Hotel in Mexico City’s upscale Colonia Polanco on Tuesday, Feb. 5.

The exhibit, titled “Tres Miradas del Arte Colombiano” (“Three Views of Colombian Art”), includes works by the late abstract artist Édgar Negret (who drew on indigenous cultures for his inspiration), as well as by his more contemporary colleagues Alejandro Sánchez (whose art focuses on mercantile shipping) and Rafael Gómezbarros (known for his giant fiberglass ants).

The exhibit is open to the public and will remain on display in the Presidente InterContinental lobby through March 15.


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