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Mexico’s National Human Rights Commission (CNDH) on Tuesday, Feb. 19, called President Andrés Manuel López Obrador’s (AMLO) proposed National Guard (Guardia Nacional, or GN) security force “impertinent” and “unviable.”

In a scathing written statement issued to the Senate, where debate over the creation of the controversial security force (which would be an amalgamation of military personnel and civil police), the CNDH called on legislators to “respect and protect” Mexicans’ basic human rights as they consider modifications to the country’s constitution in order to allow for the GN’s establishment.

The CNDH statement also implored the senators to reconsider a proposal to broaden the list of charges that could result in individuals being detained in preventive custody without bail, which was tagged on to the bill to establish the GN.

The commission said that creating the National Guard would not guarantee the reduction in legal corruption and impunity as touted, but could pose a serious threat to Mexican democracy and national civil institutions.

The document likewise stated that the proposed security force would potentially violate international human rights standards by allowing the military to intervene in civil matters.

Earlier in the day, AMLO appealed to the Senate to pass the bill creating the GN as quickly as possible.


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