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Here Comes the Sun


Yeah, it’s spring, and the sun is shining bright in Mexico pre-rainy season.

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And even when the rains start, there are all those great beach resorts from Cancun to Cabos, plus lots of other summer destinations that are perfect places to show off your beauty and a little skin (just make sure you wear plenty of sunscreen).

And to make sure that you arrive (and stay) in style at your holiday resort of choice, here are some truly classy new products that scream summer fun and glorious sunny style.

Bag It!

There is no accessory on Earth quite so versatile — and necessary — as a handbag, and the bag you carry says a lot about you.

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Corazón de Melón, designed and produced 100 percent in Mexico using no animal-based parts, has a wild new selection of multi-colored, multi-textured, statement-making purses inspired in the nation’s ethnic and cultural heritage and global trends.

The brand’s new spring/summer collection starts with a wild leopard and honeybee-patterned group of casual purses and wallets that pay tribute to nature, and expands into a denim blue set of bags with embroidered crimson roses and oversized tiger prints.

Corazón de Melón also has a new Evolución Bohemia collection with a boho-chic range of designs inspired by Scotland, India and Mexico (specifically, the Oaxacan pre-Hispanic culture of Mitla, with its classic black-and-white geometric patterns superimposed with wild red flowers.)

The Corazón de Melon brand is available exclusively in Liverpool, Sanborns, Sears and Amazon.

An American in Paris

Speaking on bags, Lipault Paris, the high-end contemporary French luggage brand known for its Parisian chic and trendy styles, has just teamed up with New York cutting-edge fashion guru and illustrator Izak Zenou to create an unprecedented new spring/summer collection that is a joyful celebration of modern, urban womanhood and cosmopolitan class.

Photo: Lipault

Known for his whimsical imagery and visionary style, Zenou imparts a timeless Audrey Hepburn feel to these light and easy Lipault bags.

The limited Lipault by Izak collection is available in two colors – Garnet Red and Night Blue – and can be purchased in Mexico at Liverpool stores nationwide and on the company’s website as of March,

The collection includes a spinner carry-on suitcase, a weekend bag, a tote, a bowling bag and a cosmetic pouch, as well as a selection of complementary accessories such as luggage covers, suitcase tags and zip-around wallets.

The collection is available in two colors: Garnet Red and Night Blue.

Photo: Lipault

Also in March, Lipault, which is a subsidiary of Samsonite, will be launching a new line of take-anywhere suitcases, weekend bags, duffels, cabin bags, totes and toiletry cases in bright, seasonal colors.

And for the business-conscious working girl, the company will have a brand new selection of smart, gold-trimmed leather backpacks, laptop cases and rolling totes.

In April, Lipault Paris will launch it Variation collection, with electric sweet fuchsia handbags and easy-grip mini pouches, and come May, the glam-centered travel gear brand will be introducing a selection of Pop & Gum leather and vinyl beach bags in radiant Sweet Fuchsia and Coastal Blue.

Facial Detox

Now that you are all set for that summer holiday in terms of purses and travel bags, don’t forget to take time out to tend to your natural beauty, which will make you glow wherever you go.

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Remember that travel — especially air travel — can wreak havoc on your skin (all that dry air and those horrid pressure changes), which is why you need to be sure to beef up protection from sun, wind and other environmental factors when you are on the go.

The Spanish pharmacosmetic firm MartiDerm has just the solution in its Urban Force and Urban Restore Serums.

Whether you are in the city, fending off the aging effects of pollution and stress, or on the beach, lapping up the warming rays of the sun (which are also aging and which can cause skin cancer), this dynamic duo of skincare serums has you and your face covered.

Photo: MartiDerm

MartiDerm Urban Force Serum, designed for daytime use, is enriched with cacao and passionfruit to protect skin from external aggressions.

It also has a built-in broad-spectrum SPF20 factor for UV waves and an additional defense against HEV, or blue light rays, plus a special barrier to fight off free radicals and contaminants.

MartiDerm Urban Restore Serum, designed for night, is packed with jojoba oil and olive extract to pamper skin and detoxify it from stress and daily agressions.

It is specially formulated to work while you are sleeping to promote cell renewal and purification so that you wake to a fresher, healthier complexion.

Body Love

And when it comes to pampering yourself, don´t stop with your face.

Photo: Natura

Give your entire body an indulgent regale with moisturizing cleansing creams and body washes that not only protect and soften skin (your body’s largest organ and your physical link with the outside world), but caress it with soothing and relaxing scents and textures.

The Brazilian brand Natura — which has been producing sumptuously scented cosmetics and skincare products using natural and renewable ingredients for more than 50 years — has released a new, extra-light, deep-moisturizing Tododia Flor de Lis line of body soaps, bath mousses, hand creams, body creams and body sprays that hydrate without leaving a sticky, heavy feel.

Photo: Natura

Perfumed with a subtle floral bouquet, these nourishing products turn your daily hygiene routine into a luxurious exercise in sensuality and aromatherapy.

Natura has also launched a campaign with its Tododia Flor de Lis collection encouraging women to love and embrace their own bodies.

This live-and-love-the-skin-you-are-in campaign is meant to help women overcome insecurities about their bodies through glorifying the beauty of all shapes and sizes.

And what better way to glorify your own natural beauty than to indulge it with Natura’s health-minded products that feel as good as they smell?

Penguinated Masculine Style

And finally, don´t forget to dress up your beau to be your ultimate fashion accessory.

Photo: Penguin

He’ll look smart and casual in Penguin’s new “The Good Life” spring/summer collection, which takes its inspiration from 1950s Americana, with relaxed backyard-barbeque and hanging-out-at-the-carwash dapper.

Penguin’s new collection is also a homage to the brand’s iconic heritage of uncomplicated design and simple timeless vogue.

This retro-minded ensemble offers men an eclectic, warm-weather wardrobe of clean and carefully curated styles.





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