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If there is one word that describes the spring/summer fashion trends for 2019, it is femininity.

From soft, flowing wrap-around dresses with full pleated skirts and giant floral prints to indulgent pastels to sandy neutrals in pulled-together suits with expansive bellbottom legs and oversized Sophia Loren-style tops in satiny silks, this is definitely the season of ladylike elegance.

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Last week, Mexico’s premiere fashion department store chain, Palacio de Hierro, presented a backstage media sneak preview of its 15 in-house and showcased couture brands’ seasonal offerings, and while styles and color palettes varied radically from one label to the next, that underlining theme of feminine grace prevailed in all the collections.

At the top of the Palacio lineup were the eclectically ethnic designs of the Spanish fashion house Desigual, where the company’s iconic blend of patchwork prints and asymmetrical styles were intensified by bold and flamboyant splashes of lush green, dark navy, vintage red and resplendent fuchsia.

Drawing on inspiration from Mexico, Morocco, India and the jungled tropics, this unapologetically spectacular collection is for the woman who dares to stand out and has no qualms about taking center stage in the fashion world.

Photo: Cortefiel

Far more sedate and tailored was the spring/summer line of Cortefiel — also from Spain — which took its style cue from the world’s bustling metropoles of Singapore, Amsterdam, Helsinki and London.

Cortefiel’s new collection is a mix-and-match closet of urban pieces in contrasting patterns of curtain-sized prints, plaids, geometric patterns and solids that weave together to create heterogenous looks that can function 24/7 no matter where you are.

There is a definite retro feel to this collection, where florals also prevail, but in softer, more romantic patterns imprinted on silky jade-hued kimonos and baggy, bright, canary yellow jumpsuits.

The egg-shell pastels of Cortefiel’s women’s collection is carried over to it men’s collection, with loosely fitted collegiate shirts, trousers and jackets.

Photo: Springfield

The tried-and-true elegance of Chester & Peck was tempered with the relaxed informality of cottons and linens with a summery 1960s European chic, and Springfield offered a parade of touchable, prewashed, no-worries denims for both men and women.

For the younger set, the romantic feminine theme was highlighted with dazzling sequined tops and glittery below-the-knee skirts from Wild & Life paired with black ankle-length socks and tennis shoes.

Catamaran offered up fun, ocean-worthy, jungle-themed, African print shorts and khaki jackets for men, women and children, while Epsilon opted for an understated vintage look in solid beiges, reds and blues.

Photo: Wild & Life

The Mashup also went nostalgic with a “the 90s aren’t over” collection of puffy rainbow windbreakers and ruby red tunic jackets.

There were shoes aplenty — mostly open-toe sandals — for every taste and style, courtesy of UGG, Call It Spring and Aldo, but even the most comfortable footwear had feminine detailing like silver glitter accents and floral patterning.

Aldo came out with a pop-art three-inch-high, pointed toe stiletto with graffiti drawings and a matching clutch handbag.

Photo: The Mashup

In the lingerie segment, Women’s Secret offered cute little bunny PJs with matching rabbit-eared slippers and seductive cherry-red negligees with peek-a-boo slits in strategic positions.

Kiddies also got to hone their looks with styles from Justice and Primmi.

Some of these garments are already on the racks at Palacio, and others will be popping up as the days get warmer.

And with hot weather already here, it’s definitely time to get your spring/summer groove on.

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