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If there is one word that defines what makeup is going to look like this summer, it’s “shine.”

Yes, after a subdued, understated, matted fall and winter, it’s time to let your inner radiance shine through and make your skin’s natural dewy complexion sparkle, accented by glittery shades of deep terracotta and gilded coral on lips, cheeks and even eyes.

Photo: Nars Cosmetics

The high-end French makeup Nars Cosmetics – known for its quirky packaging and bold, fashion-forward colors – has just released its latest Orgasm collection for summer, and these feverishly hot shades of golden peach, cherry russet and ruby pink are not only suitable for every skin tone, but guaranteed to make you the shining center of attention, no matter how you wear them.

During a media presentation last week of this daringly flush collection — fronted by British supermodel Naomi Campbell — Nars Cosmetics makeup artist Lore Pinto demonstrated how these scorching new products can be applied both day and night to create a sizzling effect the will razzle your dazzle.

Pinto showed how to create a radiantly sultry look, starting with the star of the new collection, Nars Natural Radiant Longwear Foundation.

“The time for heavy makeups is way over,” Pinto said, as she gently glided the Natural Radiant liquid makeup over the fresh, cleansed face of a model, primed by Nars’ Super Radiance Booster (also part of the new collection), developed to amplify skin’s illumination with a pearly buffed glow.

Photo: Nars Cosmetics

“Spring and summer are about natural beauty and authenticity, so you don’t want to use a heavy foundation that can look dull or cakey.”

Pinto explained that Nars’ new Natural Radiant Longwear – enriched with hydrating moisturizers to soften and nourish skin, as well as powerful antioxidants to protect against free radicals – leaves a sheer, buildable finish that is luminous in any light.

To perfect skin tone and leave the model’s complexion looking naturally flawless, Pinto applied Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer (perfectly matched to the corresponding Sheer Glow Foundation shade) under the model’s eyes and at strategically targeted points where she had tiny imperfections.

“Remember to always blend your foundation and concealer – either with a brush or with your hands – so there are no telltale lines that show where your makeup leaves off and your natural skin tone begins,” she said.

Pinto said that it is also a good idea to let the foundation warm a few seconds in your hand before you apply it to your face, so it melds easier and clings more naturally to your skin.

She also suggested putting several drops of the foundation in the central T area of the face and then gently blending it outwards, being sure to extend it over the ears and under the contours of your chin.

This way, she said, your entire face has a uniform color and texture.

Photo: Nars Cosmetics

“Don’t apply concealer directly under your eyes,” Pinto said.

“We all have a hint of a shadow under our eyes and if your try to conceal that shadow, your makeup will not look natural. Instead, place the concealer where the circles under your eyes begin.”

Once the primer, foundation and concealer are applied, Pinto said it is time to give your face some color.

She recommended using Nars’ new six-shade Exposed Cheek Palette, which not only includes a feverishly hot selection of blushes in burnt red, cherry crimson and rusty coral (the key color of the season), but also a radiant golden highlighter, a lusty chestnut contourer and a seductive sunbathed bronzer – everything you need to add glow and dimension.

“Don’t make the mistake of putting blush on the middle or lower areas of your cheeks,” Pinto said.

“Blush and highlighter belong on top of the apple of your cheeks, so that they make your face look more sculptured and feminine.”

Photo: Nars Cosmetics

By the same token, she said, contouring should be applied just below the cheek and blended outward.

Pinto showed how the colors of the Nars Exposed Cheek Palette could also be applied as eyeshadows and lipstick.

(Nars is famous for its creatively versatile products that can double- or even triple-up to make doing your makeup easier.)

But if you prefer to stick to limiting your blush to your cheeks, Pinto noted that Nars’ new Orgasm collection also includes a 12-shade Ignited Eyeshadow Palette, with a perfectly mix-and-matchable combination of pinks, reds, corals, browns and golds in both matte and glittery finishes that, like the cheek colors, are designed to complement every skin tone.

“Bright red and orange shadows will brighten your eyes and make them sparkle,” Pinto said.

Photo: Nars Cosmetics

Eyeliner and mascara are not as dramatic this season, Pinto said, and are best applied sparingly to accentuate your shadow and not compete with it.

Pinto later showed how Nars’ Multiuse Gloss – yet another member of the new “Narsissist” collection – can add additional glow when applied to the center of the eyelid, and on the highest peak of your cheeks.

“As for lips, they too should be glowing this season,” she said.

“Forget about matte lipsticks. This is a time for luminous, resplendent lips that look naturally healthy. Color is optional.”

And, of course, Nars has a new Orgasm Afterglow Lip Balm that can give your mouth a rosy shine whether worn over lipstick or alone.

Photo: Nars Cosmetics

If you do opt for lip color, Pinto said it is best to try to match it to the robust shades of your cheeks and eyes.

Finally, Pinto said that once you have completed your glowing makeup look, don’t ruin it by applying powder..

“The beauty of radiant makeup is that it can be applied in as little as 10 minutes and will keep you looking luminous all day long,” she said.

“Summer makeup should be as easy-going and uncomplicated as summer days, and definitely just as sultry.”





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