A Day Just for Mothers

Photo: MomJunction


For the sixth straight year, the Mexican Yoga Institute (IMY) will sponsor a special day for mothers at Mexico City’s Westin Santa Fe Hotel on Saturday, May 4.

The daylong symposium, which is open to both women and men, will include 30 conferences dealing with modern-day parenting issues that run the gamut from how to talk to your children about sex and limiting internet time to how to engage your special-needs child in normal social activities and developing healthy dietary practices.

There will also be classes of yoga for all ages, as well as lectures on choosing the right school for your child and dealing with teenage rebellions.

Other conferences include lectures on empty-nest syndrome for parents whose kids have moved away from home, the role of grandparents, couples counselling, postpartum depression and even how to cope with divorce and its effects on children.

And between conferences, there will be stands selling products aimed at motherhood.

A total of 40 national and international experts specializing in child psychology, household finances, family nutrition and stress management through yoga are slated to participate in the symposium, which will run from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m.

For a nominal prepaid fee of 947 pesos (1,297 at the door), guests will be allowed the option to attend the conferences geared to their interests and will also be provided with a gift bag of products from the sponsors.

For more information on the Mother’s Day symposium and to purchase tickets, check out the webpage.

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