Former Mexican President Vicente Fox. Photo:


After a complaint by former Mexican President Vicente Fox that a group of armed assailants had tried to force their way into his home in the central State of Guanajuato on Saturday, April 6, President Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO) suddenly reversed himself on a previous decision to not provide government protection to his predecessors and ordered Defense (Sedena) Secretary Luis Cresencio Sandoval to create a special security detail to guard the Fox family.

In a late afternoon tweet the same day as the alleged attack on Fox’s Guanajuato ranch, AMLO stated that the eight-member team will now provide round-the-clock protection to Fox and his immediate family,  but without the excesses” of previous administrations.

Fox immediately expressed his appreciation to López Obrador for the decision.

AMLO later revealed that “two or three months ago,” Felipe Calderon, another former Mexican president, had also expressed concerns for his safety and that of his family, and in response, López Obrador has issued orders for the creation of an eight-member security detail to protect them.

Shortly after taking office on Dec.1, AMLO officially dissolved the 2,000-member Estado Mayor Presidencial body guard team, which had for decades been responsible for the security of the president, his family and his cabinet, as well as the safety of previous presidents.


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