A Passion for Romance

Photo: Volopapilio


Enrique Volopapilio is an incurable romantic. (Then again, aren’t we all, even if we don’t admit it publicly?)

Photo: Volopapilio

Volopapilio’s passion for romance may have started back when he was studying business administration in college and let himself be distracted from the tedious writings of Jay Heizer’s “Principals of Operations Management” to snatch of bit of amorous ardor from a well-worn copy of Leo Tolstoy’s “Anna Karenina.”

Or it may have been kindled during a long, summer excursion on the Mediterranean, where he would wistfully linger over a passage in which Boris Pasternak’s Yuri Zhivago contemplates his eternal love for Lara.

But whatever the origins of his untempered passion for dalliance, it all came to a head seven years ago, when, swayed by seductive poems from the likes of John Keats and Mario Benedetti, Volopapilio decided to cast caution and practicality to the wind and abandon his successful computer business to start a unique romantic experience service.

Photo: Volopapilio

And true to his starry-eyed quixotic devotement, Volopapilio didn’t just start any old romantic experience service, but the most exclusive, most memorable, most Gatsby-esque fairytale extravaganzas that any would-be Edward Rochester could possibly imagine.

Whether it is to pop the question, commemorate an anniversary or reconcile a battered relationship, Volopapilio offers his clients the ultimate in romance in an ideal setting (he even purchased a stately, French-style, Victorian-era mansion in the south of Mexico City to serve as his company’s headquarter) and replete in every captivating detail, including live violin serenades, haute cuisine gourmet meals prepared to order by a white-gloved butler, and scented rose-petal pathways through an orchid-scented garden.

Photo: Volopapilio

From picnic lunches inside hot-air balloons hovering over ancient Aztec pyramids to long, romantic dinners on a private yacht in the azure waters of the Caribbean to intimate, three-course, candle-lit meals for two inside the core of the Guadalajara aquarium, Volopapilio and his staff spare no expense (from his client’s pockets, of course, but then, you can’t put a price tag on true love) in making magic moments unforgettable and everlasting.

And now, Volopapilio has added the ultimate romantic apogee to his one-of-a-kind, heart-palpitating experiences: hand-crafted gold, silver and diamond-studded jewelry linked to the romantic poetry that first ignited his passion for love.

Photo: Volopapilio

His new Palabras (Words) collection consists of engraved plates of gold and hand-written papyruses with poems and segments from some of the world’s most romantic writers.

In the case of the gold plates, a small section is carefully carved out and placed on a chain to create an enigmatic pendant whose meaning is only known by the giver and the wearer.

With the papyruses, the recipient is given a tiny gold or silver key on a necklace that unlocks a leather clasp around the rolled scroll, where a specially selected text is written, symbolic of a shared adoration.

There is also the option of having a song written especially for the object of affection and having that song engraved onto a gold or silver plaque, again with a carved out pendant to go around her neck.

The collection, personally designed by Volopapilio, is intended to be the tangible culmination of a romantic experience that will live forever in the hearts of both partners through a sensuous amalgamation of poetry and jewelry.

And what could possibly be more romantic than that?


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