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With the national murder rate at the highest it has ever been, Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO) on Monday, April 22, promised to dramatically reduce the incidence of violent crimes within the course of the next six months.

According to the Executive Secretariat of the Public Security National System, the number of murders in the first quarter of 2019 was 9.6 percent higher than the figures during that same period of 2018.

So far this year, the government body reported, nearly 8,500 homicides have been reported in Mexico.

With a total of 33,500 murders, 2018 was considered the most violent year in Mexico’s history, with the highest number of homicides since murders were first recorded in 1997.

Confronted by the media with the new government murder figures for 2019, AMLO said that the surge was a residual consequence of the mismanagement of previous administrations and would begin to drop once his newly created National Guard comes into full force.

He also said that his administration “will not take a single step back in its fight against the corruption, violence and insecurity that has plagued the nation.”

“Within the next six months, all of the new security programs will be fully operational,” he said.

“And that will help considerably to reduce the problem through three measures: the strengthening of social programs, the implementation of the National Guard and a zero-tolerance policy of government corruption.”


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