Ah, summer, that delightfully lusty time of year when we caress our senses and spirits with sensuous and ethereal pleasures and regale our bodies with the feel of soft, flowing fabrics and silky, floral elixirs.

Summer is a time to pamper yourself, to take a few extra minutes each day to enjoy the tangible luxuries of sheer indulgence, to pay tribute to your own humanly form.

Here we offer up a selection of some wonderfully indulgent new products that will help you capture the glow and ardor of the season of romance.

Absolute Passion 

Just in time for the sultry days of summer, Dior has introduced a new exquisite interpretation of its classic J’Adore fragrance, J’Adore Absolu.

Photo: Dior

This voluptuous floral nectar, created by Dior in-house perfumier François Demachy, is an intoxicatingly seductive blend of sun-drenched white flower absolutes and citrus delights gently mingled with the fresh enchantment of a lush English garden.

The fragrance opens with the alluring sweetness of southern magnolias, a tribute to the very essence of summer.

At J’Adore Absolu’s core is a heady fusion of aromatic Grasse and sambac jasmine and sublime rose absolutes, which opens into a captivating base of honeyed orange blossoms that linger like those last days of summer.

Photo: Dior

This truly feminine, truly classic perfume beguiles and enchants with a misty bouquet of warm, flowery elegance and sophistication.

Dior J’Adore Absolu is the epitome of a summer indulgence and sensuality.

By the way, Dior fans — and who isn’t one? — who happen to be heading to Texas over the summer break will be happy to know that a stunning exhibit of the history of the design house is currently on display at the Dallas Museum of Art (DMA) through Sept. 1.

This heavenly haute couture collection embodies Dior’s impact on fashion history and the trajectory of its legendary founder, with 178 of his most iconic designs dating back to the mid-1940s.

Wrinkles Be Gone

Another certainty about summer is that it is a time where we tend to wear less clothing, thus baring more skin.

Photo: Oriflame

You want that skin to look as young and radient as possible, with as little makeup as possible.

Fortunately, the Swedish direct-sales cosmetics and beauty brand Oriflame has introduced an entire new line of NovAge Ecollagen wrinkle-vanishing, collagen-plumping, complexion-radiating skincare products that actually help make you look younger and more beautiful.

By targeting loss of density and definition, deep wrinkles, dryness and age spots, NovAge Wrinkle Power redefines what it means to have mature skin, and allows your outer self to match how you feel on the inside.

Powered by GenisteinSoy Technology and Ribwort Plant Stem Cell extract, the NovAge Wrinkle Power collection — which includes a day cream, a night cream, a cleansing cream, an eye cream and a super-powerful serum — intensively nourishes and hydrates for denser, more resilient skin, with more defined facial contours and less pronounced deep wrinkles and age spots.

Photo: Oriflame

NovAge Wrinkle Power gives mature skin everything it needs to be the best it can be.

Wrinkle Power works deeply to nourish and revitalize skin with a special tri-peptide formula with natural plant stem cells that spur collagen production, thus fighting both tiny frown lines and deeper wrinkles.

But it also acts immediately, reducing the appearance of superficial wrinkles by 49 percent in just 20 minutes.

The eye cream is packed with caffeine to help wake up your eyes and eliminate bags, and the day cream has a built-in SPF 30 sunscreen to protect against the damaging rays of UVA and UVB exposure.

Oriflame has also introduced its most eye-popping mascara ever, Tremendous, which creates instant high-intensity lashes with zero clumps and no smudges.

And Oriflame has also just opened its new Latin America corporate offices in Mexico City’s Colonia Extremadura Insurgentes, at Insurgentes Sur 1271, where you can not only try out the company’s latest new beauty and skincare products, but also see its unprecedented low-impact environmental footprint and see how it is helping to make this a better world for everyone.

Sun Defense

One last warning about summer: Exposed skin also means more potential exposure to harmful UV rays, which can age and even lead to skin cancer.

Photo: Uriage

Be sure to slather on the sunscreen generously and often (at least every three or four hours), and don’t think that just because you are in the city, you cannot burn.

Mexico City’s high altitude actually means that you can get more UV rays here than at the beach because your are physically closer to the sun.

And blue light — the radiation your skin absorbs from computers and other electronic devices — can also age.

Fortunately, Uriage has added yet another skin-protecting product to its Age Protect arsenal, Uriage Age Protect Crème Multi-Actions, a wrinkle-fighting, firmness-promoting, blue-light protector which also has a broad-spectrum SPF 30.

Photo: Uriage

This satiny cream acts on all signs of aging and daily aggressions damaging the skin, including pollution, stress and fatigue, and it helps prevent dark spots, while restoring vitality and plumpness, thanks to its vitamin E and retinal formula.

Enriched with moisturizing active ingredients like Uriage thermal water and acacia, sunflower and prairie flower extracts, it leaves skin perfectly hydrated and supple, with absolutely no sagging.

And that makes you a perfect breath of summer sunshine!





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