Pulse News Mexico photo/Melissa T. Castro


Mexico’s king of the baked potato, Papa Guapa, and the French Dutch oven master Le Creuset teamed up on Tuesday, June 25, to create a new addition to the restaurant’s ever-expanding portfolio of star-studden spuds.

The idea was to develop a new super baked tater dedicated to rock legend Lady Gaga, incorporating the finest of tasty ingredients and toppings to be worthy of the techno-pop singer’s moniker.

A select group of Papa Guapa aficionados and media reporters were invited to compete in the quest for the perfect Gaga potato, which, when determined, will join the ranks of other Papa Guapa menu greats, such as Papa Bardot (packed with mushrooms and melted cheese), Papa Selena (filled with chili con carne, beans and creamy cheddar) and Papucha Villa (topped with salted meat, guacamole and pork rinds).

So far, no winner has been announced and the judges are keeping a stern Poker Face as to the finalists, but there were certainly no shortage of ideas for how to make a potato reflect the Born-This-Way glitz of Gagaloo.

There are currently three Papa Guapa restaurants in Mexico City, on Circuito Cirujanos in Satélite, on Orizaba in Roma Norte and on Eugenia in Colonia Del Valle.

And, if all goes well, the first non-Chilango Papa Guapa is due to open in Puebla later this month.

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