Pulse News Mexico photo/Thérèse Margolis


Hotdogs, sloppy joes and tender roast beef sandwiches made for a tasty community U.S. Independence Day celebration on Thursday, July 4, when the American Benevolent Society (ABS) hosted its last major event inside its soon-to-be-former offices at Union Church in Colonia Lomas de Chapultepec.

Barbara Franco (seen here standing with a mike) introduced ABS members to her replacement, Aliki Alias, standing to her right. Pulse News Mexico photo/Thérèse Margolis

Nearly 100 people showed up for the sit-down lunch of homemade holiday favorites, which also included potato salad, coleslaw, spicy pork and beans and a red-white-and-blue cake.

The ABS, which was founded in 1868 as a nonprofit organization to provide charitable assistance to both U.S. and Mexican nationals during periods of personal distress or financial need, will soon be moving to new installations, the location of which are yet to be announced.

The Fourth of July event also served as an opportunity for the ABS to announce the passing of the gauntlet in terms of its executive director.

Barbara Franco, who had led the ABS for years and who had become a pillar for members of the international community, has retired and her position is now be filled by Aliki Elias.


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