Mexican government unveiled on Monday, Sept. 30, a plan to support small farmers and boost food security by offering guaranteed prices for output.

The measure aims to help family farms that produce dairy and basic grains, such as corn, beans, rice and wheat, said Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO) during his daily press conference.

“I could sum it up in one sentence (this plan): Feed those who feed us,” AMLO said.

Agriculture Secretary Victor Manuel Villalobos said the guaranteed price program is one of four strategic government measures designed to strengthen national agriculture, along with facilitating credit for cattle ranchers, and fertilizer and support for production.

Some 2 million small farmers could benefit from this plan, said Villalobos.

According to Ignacio Ovalle, head of Mexico’s food security agency, farmers would on average receive “30 percent more” for their crops through the price plan, “and in some cases even more.”

For 2019, Mexico has budgeted 15.2 billion pesos for the initiative, with 6 billion pesos already invested in the program, said Ovalle.

Mexico currently imports much of its food needs.

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