Photo; American Security Today


Decreasing Mexico’s high rates of violent crime is the government’s biggest challenge, President Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO) said on Sunday, Dec. 1.

“Reducing the country’s crime rate is our principal challenge,” AMLO told a massive crowd of supporters gathered in Mexico City’s central square to mark his first full year in office.

“But we are sure that we are going to pacify Mexico with the support of the people and the coordinated efforts of the entire government,”

López Obrador used the anniversary celebration to present his administration’s progress on different fronts, especially in improving the welfare of the poor and working classes, a linchpin of his anti-crime campaign.

According to AMLO, the most effective way to fight crime is to raise standards of living, so Mexico’s young people are less likely to become easy targets of criminal organizations.

“There still hasn’t been the economic growth we want,” he said, “but there is better distribution of wealth. The public budget is no longer in a few hands, as it used to to be. It is now reaching most of the people.”

A government anti-drug use campaign also aims to protect youth from Mexico’s numerous drug-trafficking groups, he said.

“If we cab reduce drug use, we are going to be able to resolve the serious problem of insecurity and violence,” the president said.

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