More than 6 million people are expected to attend the León State Fair, which is slated to take place from Jan. 10 through Feb. 4 of next year.

Open to all and aimed at a family-oriented audience, this year’s fair — the largest in all of the state of Guanajuato and one of the oldest and most important nationwide — is intended to be financially affordable for all Mexicans, with a general admission fee of only 11 pesos, Friday through Sunday, and a special all-inclusive admission fee Monday through Thursday of 70 pesos, offering unlimited access for all rides.

In addition to electric rides and stands selling regional foods, handicrafts and produce, the 2020 León State Fair will offer nightly shows of Mexican and international artists performing everything from hard rock concerts and mariachi music to classic ballet and folkloric dance.

Headlining the fair’s entertainment billboard will be an extraordinary acrobatic show titled “Destino, un Viaje por México” (“Destiny, a Voyage through Mexico”), created especially for the the 26-day festival, with 17 Mexican aerialists performing to a concert produced by U.S. DJ Steve Aoki.

“The Guanajuato Tourism Secretariat and city of León are making a special effort to make this fair as accessable at possible for everyone,” said Juan Carlos Muñoz Márquez, president of the León State Fair Foundation, during a press conference in Mexico City to announce the star-studded event.

Hilario Pérez León from the Mexican Tourism Secretariat pointed out that the fair, which dates back to 1876, was named a part of the state’s intangible patrimony in 2018, and is visited by people from across the country, as well as from abroad.

This year, Japan will be participating in the fair as the international guest nation.

Financially, the fair is expected to bring in at least 3 billion pesos in revenues for the state.



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