The holiday season is in full swing, and trying to find the right gift for everyone on your list (including yourself) can be stressful.

Here are a few items that will definitely make the A list of anyone’s Christmas roster, no matter who the recipient is.

Photo: Oriflame

Youth in a Bottle

The Swedish direct-sales cosmetic and skincare company Oriflame — which earlier this year opened its new Latin America interactive corporate offices in Mexico City’s Colonia Extremadura Insurgentes (where you can not only try out the company’s latest new beauty and skincare products, but also see its unprecedented low-impact environmental footprint and see how it is helping to make this a better world for everyone) — has an incredible new line of antiaging skincare products that can actually reverse early signs of aging.

First introduced last summer, the NovAge Ecollagen collection can actually help make you look younger and more beautiful by targeting loss of density and definition, deep wrinkles, dryness and age spots.

Powered by GenisteinSoy Technology and ribwort plant stem cell extract, the NovAge Wrinkle Power collection — which includes a day cream, a night cream, a cleansing cream, an eye cream and a super-powerful serum — intensively nourishes and hydrates for denser, more resilient skin, with more defined facial contours and less pronounced deep wrinkles and age spots.

Photo: Oriflame

NovAge Wrinkle Power works deeply to nourish and revitalize skin with a special tri-peptide formula with natural plant stem cells that spur collagen production, thus fighting both tiny frown lines and deeper wrinkles.

But it also acts immediately, reducing the appearance of superficial wrinkles by 49 percent in just 20 minutes.

The eye cream is packed with caffeine to help wake up your eyes and eliminate bags, and the day cream has a built-in SPF 30 sunscreen to protect against the damaging rays of UVA and UVB exposure.

Right now, you can buy a special gift pack of the entire Ecollagen NovAge collection with in full-size jars and tubes in time for the holidays from your personal Oriflame provider or on the Oriflame website.

And to reinforce your natural beauty from the inside out, Oriflame has a new Wellness line of vitamins and dietary supplements.

Almost Perfect

The Spanish design house Tous has a new holiday video campaign starring Emma Roberts to promote its jewelry line for holiday giving.

Photo: Tous

In the videos, Roberts points out that Tous jewelry makes a perfect holiday gift — well, almost perfect.

The problem is, of course, the shape of the classic Tous box, which is round.

So how do you wrap a round gift box?

The best solution is just top it off with a ribbon.

After all, it’s not the wrapping but what’s inside the box that counts.

Right now, Palacio de Hierro has a special atelier of select jewelry personally designed for and by the brand’s matriarch Rosa Oriol.

The exclusive Rosa atelier — inaugurated by Rosa Oriol herself late last month — is patterned after Oriol’s own workshop in Barcelona, and has a selection of emerald showcases trimmed with pink gold.

And the good folks at Palacio de Hierro will even help you wrap your gift from the Oriol Atelier, despite its frustratingly round box.

Healthy Clean

The French toiletry and skincare company Uriage has two super new products that make great stocking fillers: Uriage Eau Thermal Cleansing Cream and Uriage Eau Thermal Gyn-Phy.

Uriage Cleansing Cream is a soap-free, ultra-rich foaming cream that is especially suited to sensitive and delicate skins

This paraben-free cream cleans, nourishes and protects skin with a hydrolipidic film that locks in moisture and repels free radicals that can lead to premature aging.

Uriage Gyn-Phy is an intimate hygiene product that is so gentle that even children can use it.

Developed by gynecologists, soap-free Gyn-Phy offers comfort and intense freshness that lasts all day long.

Uriage also has several new gift sets that make fantastic Christmas presents.

And all Uriage products are enriched with the company’s exclusive thermal waters from the French Alps, rich in trace elements and minerals.

The water’s natural minerals help reinforce the skin’s cutaneous barrier.

A Text on Style

Books always make fantastic gifts, and fashion icon Lucy Lara her just published her fourth book “Estilo y Poder” (“Style and Power”).

Photo: Lucy Lara

The book is an continuation of the premises presented in her third book, “Imágen, Actitud y Poder” (“Image, Attitude and Power”), aimed at helping women to understand that beauty is not defined by physical attractiveness alone.

The main objective of “Estilo y Poder,” published by Penguin Random House and Aguilar, is to help women – especially professional women – learn how to optimize their natural beauty through the way they dress and their unique style.

Lara has been in the beauty and fashion industry for nearly a quarter of a century, having served as editor of a string of top-notch style magazines, including Glamour, Marie Claire, Elle and Infashion.

She has also authored “El Poder de la Ropa” (“The Power of Clothing”) and “El Poder de tu Belleza” (“The Power of Your Beauty”).

“Estilo y Poder” is on sale in most major bookstores nationwide.

have to work together to overcome social and cultural obstacles that have historically held them back.”

Internet Supermall

If you are still stuck for a holiday gift, there is always the internet, with its endless pages of beauty aids, fashion items and amazing gadgets you never knew you needed until you saw them advertised on the World Wide Web.

Photo: Privalia

Fortunately, the website Privalia, which began as a Spanish high-end luxury fashion site and was recently purchased by Grupo Axo here in Mexico, has now expanded its portfolio of products to include everything from household décor items to furniture and basic toiletries.

In fact, Privalia México now boasts over 1,000 brands — about 12 percent of which are Mexican-owned — and can deliver whatever you need (or your heart desires) in as few as five days.

Which means that you can now shop for your Christmas presents sitting on your couch while taking a break from binge streaming the new season of “The Crown.”

And you can even order a brand new couch to stream from.




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