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Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO) denied Wednesday, Dec. 18, that business owners are in a state of “alarm” over the levels of violent crime, such as armed robbery of cargo trucks.

“Of course there are crimes committed on highways and at companies, and there is a problem of insecurity and violence, but there is no situation of alarm that has been reported by the business sector. We have heard nothing of this,” AMLO said at his daily press conference.

Notwithstanding, the president admitted there is an increased demand for the government to protect businesses against the theft of merchandise shipped by land, but added the incidence of attacks on transport vehicles has fallen.

Government figures show that from January to October, there were 9,714 cases of assaults against cargo truck drivers, the vast majority (8,350) involving violence.

Most of the attacks on cargo trucks, 83.3 percent, occurred in the central states of Puebla and Michoacán, and the northern states of Nuevo León and San Luis Potosí.

Citizen Safety and Protection Secretary Alfonso Durazo said the government launched a program at the start of the year to reduce this type of crime on the nation’s highways.

“We have gotten good results,” said Durazo.

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