Photo: Elisa Carrillo


A total of 93 Mexican dancers of different genres came together over the internet this week to create a moving modern ballet interpretation of José Pablo Moncayo’s “Huapango,” a classic Mexican symphony.

The dance, titled “Un Solo Corazón en Movimiento” (“A Single Heart in Movement”) was part of an initiative by the National Institute of Fine Arts and Literature’s (INBAL) National Coordination of Dance to celebrate International Dance Day, which fell on Wednesday, April 29.

The INBAL made an open invitation to the Mexican dance community across the country to participate in the choreography and interpretation of the emblemic symphony.

Each of the contributing dancers’ performances were fused together to create a 9 minute presentation.

Although the video includes many unknown artists, it also incorporates performances by some of Mexico’s most renowned dancers, such as Elisa Carrillo, prima bailarina of the Staatsballett of Berlin and codirector of the National Dance Company, and other big names like Miguel Ángel Palmeros, Mauricio Nava, Félix Rentería, Maribel Michel, Carlos Zamora, Beatriz Madrid, Erika Méndez, Henry Torres, Lina Ravines and Rosario Armenta.

Despite being isolated as part of a national lockdown to help fight the spread of Covid-19, the dancers worked together to coordinate a unified ballet, each performing from their individual homes.








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