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According to a report published in the New York Times (NYT) on Friday, May 8, Mexico is dramatically underreporting “hundreds, possibly thousands,” of deaths from the novel coronavirus pandemic, “dismissing anxious officials, who have tallied more than three times as many fatalities in the capital than the government publicly acknowledges.”

The report, based on information obtained from unnamed officials and confidential data reviewed by The New York Times and written by Pulitzer Prize nominee Azam Ahmed, went on to say that “tensions have come to a head in recent weeks, with Mexico City alerting the government to the deaths repeatedly, hoping it will come clean to the public about the true toll of the virus on the nation’s biggest city and, by extension, the country at large.”

Nevertheless, Ahmed wrote, “that that has not happened.”

“Doctors in overwhelmed hospitals in Mexico City say the reality of the epidemic is being hidden from the country,” he continued.

“In some hospitals, patients lie on the floor, splayed on mattresses. Elderly people are propped up on metal chairs because there are not enough beds, while patients are turned away to search for space in less-prepared hospitals. Many die while searching for space in less-prepared hospitals, several doctors said.”

The report quoted Giovanna Avila, a frontline physician at Mexico City’s Hospital de Especialidades Belisario Domínguez, as saying: “It’s like we doctors are living in two different worlds. One is inside of the hospital with patients dying all the time. And the other is when we walk out onto the streets and see people walking around, clueless of what is going on and how bad the situation really is.”

The report stated that “Mexico City officials have tabulated more than 2,500 deaths from the virus and serious respiratory illnesses that doctors suspect are related to Covid-19 … yet the federal government is reporting about 700 in the area, which includes Mexico City and the municipalities on its outskirts.”

Across Mexico, which has a population of 120 million people, the leftist government of Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO) had, as of Thursday, May 7, reported only 29,616 confirmed of covid-19 infections, with 1,982 deaths.

The NYT report pointed out that health experts have said that “Mexico has only a minimal sense of the real scale of the epidemic because it is testing so few people.”

…May 8, 2020

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