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Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador’s (AMLO) nonstop, venomous spiel against any person or organization that dares to question his Venezuelan-inspired Fourth Transformation (T4) socialist model has become the norm nationwide, sowing hatred and division across the country and spurring violence against journalists, NGOs, human rights organizations and anyone else who dares to question the Holy Doctrine of Saint AMLO.

But on Friday, May 8, AMLO’s vicious verbal assaults went beyond the pale and even offended some members of his fanatical army of blind proselytes: He attacked the nation’s physicians, saying that, until he came to power, health workers in Mexico “only sought to enrich themselves.”

“The crass commercialism that unfortunately prevailed throughout the neoliberal period (a 36-year-era prior to AMLO’s assumption of the presidency in December 2018, during which, he claims, virtually every political leader was corrupt, save, of course, himself, during his stint as Mexico City mayor) also predominated throughout everything related to the health sector,” he said.

“As they used to say, doctors were only looking to get rich, and when a patient would show up, the first thing a doctor would ask them is, ‘What do you have?’ The patient would answer, ‘Well, I hurt here, doctor.” And the doctor would respond, ‘No, what I want to know is what assets do you have (to pay me with)?'”

It is worth noting that AMLO made this perverse reference to the country’s medical professionals on the eve of the Mother’s Day weekend — a day which is considered one of the most important unofficial holidays in Mexico, if not the most — as thousands of Mexican mothers who are doctors, nurses and other health workers were sacrificing time with their own children and families to risk their lives in the fight against the growing covid-19 pandemic, incidentally, many or most without adequate personal protection equipment (ppe).

Ah, but AMLO went on to say that these “mercantile medics” have now been reformed by his glorious T4 gospel and are now “fighting on the frontlines in the battle against the coronavirus.”

Confronted by outraged doctors and other health workers across the country — and even by some of the pseudo press that worship at his feet in his daily morning sermons — on Monday, May 11, AMLO refused to take back the statement (“Andrés Manuel the Great” can do no wrong), but rather “clarified” that even during the dreaded “neoliberal era,” there might have been a handful of physicians who were not mercenaries.

But, as a whole, he reiterated, the health sector was dominated by carpetbagging bounders.

In a time when medical personnel in Mexico are already being attacked both verbally and physically by an ignorant and hate-filled public that idolizes this anti-Christ oligarch, AMLO’s horrific statements are comparable to a banner approval for more assaults on medical professionals.

(Oh, and fun fact: When AMLO’s son had an apendicitis, he did not take him to a public hospital for medical care, but to Médico Sur, the most expensive private hospital chain in the country, and Mr. “Primero-los-Pobres” is himself insured by Bupa, the world’s most-expensive health coverage corporation, based out of the United Kingdom.)

Ever since he took office, AMLO has maintained a heinous verbal, political and judicial campaign against his adversaries, insulting journalists who contradict him, threatening politicians who oppose him and imprisoning or waging fiscal wars against those with whom he has grudges.

Mexico is in crisis — both economically and in terms of the covid-19 pandemic (which, as credible and respected international media around the globe have pointed out, is being gravely underreported nationwide) — and while AMLO cannot be blamed for the pandemic, his incompetence and political mismanagement have certainly exacerbated its severity, and there is no question that his fiscal and economic ineptitude are responsible for plunging the economy into the swirling abyss it is now facing.

Mexico’s heroic doctors, nurses and other medical staff are confronting a brutal uphill war against covid-19, and deserve the respect, admiration and appreciation of all Mexicans, starting with the person who holds the office of the presidency.

At the very least, AMLO owes the nation’s medical personnel — and all Mexicans– an apology.

…May 11, 2020



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