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Glamour at Home


Last week, I talked about how to pamper your hands and feet at home when you can’t get to a nail salon because of the covid-19 lockdown.

And it turns out, that with the right products and a little ingenuity, most of us can manage to pull off a pretty decent mani-pedi without the vibrating chair soak.


But there is more to personal hygiene and daily beauty routines than perfectly filed nails and glossy Gel-Envy polishes.

Keeping your spirits up and making yourself feel beautiful and desirable (even if there is no one around to appreciate that beauty) can mean trying to maintain your old pre-coronavirus routines, like dressing up, putting on makeup, doing your hair and spritzing yourself with a generous dose of perfume.

(Who says that Versace dress doesn’t match well with your N95 facemask?)

Admirably, most of the major international designers have turned in their brocade and tulle for gauzy cottons to produce much-needed medical-wear and scrubs for our frontline health heroes instead of haute couture, and many beauty companies are now churning out hand sanitizers instead of wrinkle creams.

But that doesn’t mean you need to switch out your Dior night cream for a bottle of Purell. (Do keep applying the sanitizer to your hands!)

We all need to boost our self-esteme and indulge our bodies and senses during the terrible period of uncertainty and quarantine.

Here are some new products that can help.

All Things Bright and Beautiful

True beauty begins with a flawless complexion, and in order to have impeccable skin, you need to follow a twice-daily skincare routine.

Photo: Shiseido

But many young people don’t want to bother with 11 different products that are packed with chemicals and other artificial ingredients.

That is why the Japanese beauty house Shiseido developed a whole new line of Waso skincare products just for millennials, using only natural superfood and botanical ingredients such as carrots, tofu, honey, loquats and yuzu, combined with state-of-the-art technology to clean, brighten and reduce the appearance of pores.

The Waso range — which is promoted under the phrase “all things beautiful come from nature” — includes a gentle Beauty Smart Cleansing Water, an exfoliating Purifying Peel Off Mask, a pore-refining Clear Mega-Hydrating Cream and a moisturizing Beauty Sleeping Mask.

There are also a Quick Gentle Cleanser to wash away accumulated oils and contaminants and a Color Smart Day Moisturizer with a touch of coverage that adapts to any skin tone.

The sleek, minimalist packaging reflects the back-to-nature quality of this exceptional Shiseido skincare line, which is available through Sephora on line and in stores (if they ever reopen).

Primetime Beauty

Okay, so even with the most faithful beauty routine, pesky little breakouts and discolorations do happen (especially during that time of month).

Photo; Laura Mercier

But with a good primer, you can .. quite literally — level the playing field and start off with a smooth canvas to apply foundation and other makeup.

Fortunately, Laura Mercier (the global pioneer in primers) has developed an entire Pure Canvas Primer collection that not only nourishes your skin but evens it out so that you can end up with a flawless look.

The collection includes five different primers plus a special peptide-rich essence that works like a serum.

Each primer has a silicon-free base composed of water and hydrating glycerin with micro algia so they will not clog skin or look cakey, while helping your makeup last all day.

There is a Laura Mercier primer for every skin concern: hydrating, blurring, illuminating, perfecting and protecting.

Laura Mercier products are also available through Sephora.

Color Crush

Once you get that perfect skin foundation, it’s time to add some color, and that is where Nars comes in with its new Crush on Color collection.

Fun fact: Did you know that most quality cosmetics actually act as mild sun blocks?

Photo: Nars Cosmetics

That is not to say that you can skip the sunscreen if you are wearing makeup, but they do provide an extra barrier against UV rays and external irritants.

Now, getting back to Nars’ new collection, Afterglow Crush on Color, will give you a sun-kissed glow even if you have been hiding out in your apartment for the last month and a half.

Nars’ irresistible Afterglow Crush on Color collection has shades for every craving and finishes for every infatuation.

There are 12 supercharged shades of matte, satin and shimmer eyeshadows in vividly warm hues and there is an insatiable cheek palette with three new velvety, gel-to-powder highlighters that build and blend to a luminous, lustrous second-skin feel.

The new shades of Afterglow Lip Balm offer a surge of hydration and sheer sensation with a hint of sultry color.

You can order Nars products on line from Sephora.

Scent of a Woman

Now that you are all dressed up with no place to go (at least until the covid-19 lockdown ends), give yourself a finishing touch with a spritz of fragrance.

Yes, maybe heavy perfumes are a little to heady to wear in confined spaces where your significant other is already contemplating how to avoid your company before another major blowout over who gets to have the tv controls.

But you could try a lighter scent, such as a Revlon Naté Naturals body splash, with light, airy, fruity aromas that are not overpowering.

Photo: Naté Naturals

The classic, citrusy Jean Naté after-bath body splash has been around since 1935, and the line’s new range of scents are geared to younger women who want a fresh and light spritz of fragrance without wearing a heavy cologne.

This fabulous foursome includes a juicy pink raspberry scent with a suggestion of jasmine flowers, a lush red fruits scent with a hint of roses, a saucy berry and white lily scent, and a delectable lotus flower and lychee fruit variety.

All four splashes are enriched with skin-nourishing vitamin E and aloe vera to pamper and indulge.

And since they are all super-affordable, you can also use them to spray on your pillow or a lampshade for a romantic and sensuous ambience.

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