Trending Beauty (What’s New, What Works … In the Time of Covid-19)



So now we are all living in the “new normal,” whatever that may turn out to be.

But until there is a universally available vaccine against covid-19 (and its subsequent mutations), we are all going to have to man (or woman) up, don our trusty surgical masks and go out and face the world (or, if we fall into the category of the most vulnerable members of society — over 60 or with pre-existing health problems such as heart or respiratory illnesses), stay home and face whatever comes into our abodes.

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Getting back on track with the new post-covid reality will not be easy, but maintaining or reestablishing routines, such as dressing up and getting our nails done (albeit through a DIY manicure at home or at a socially distanced salon), can give us a sense of normalcy and re-assimilation into the outside world.

Don’t downplay the small stuff: A wisp perfume, a dab of cheek color can boost your spirits and help you fell like the pre-covid world has not forever gone the way of the dodo bird.

Yes, things may never be the same as they were before the coronavirus pandemic, but that doesn’t mean we won’t get through this, and even come out on the other side as braver, smarter, more caring, more compassionate people who can take pride and pleasure in the simple things in life.

Fresh Green Scent

Ah, the smell of the fresh outdoors — newly mowed grass and wild herbs.

The covid-19 lockdown has made some close encounters with nature a thing of the past (as least for now).

Photo: Carlo Corinto

But Carlo Corinto Paris, the French luxury perfume house that has been combining sophistication and innovation to create some of the most emblemic scents on Earth for more than 30 years, has launched a new Femme Verte eau de toilette that captures the rich aromas of the Great Outdoors.

Carlo Corinto perfumier Carmita Magalhaes created Femme Verte based on her childhood memories of the lush green gardens where she grew up in southern France.

“I recall the magic of playing surrounded by herbs and plants, a summer afternoon, and my hands smelled of fresh-cut grass,” she said, describing the scent of Femme Verte.

“My creative objective in developing this fragrance was to recreate that sensation of being enveloped in green that I had back then.”

Femme Verte opens with light notes of Italian bergamot, green oranges and ripe cassis, followed by an intoxicating heart of jasmine infused with ylang ylang and muguet.

The fragrance crescendos into a lingering finale vetiv, patchouli and musk.

Carlo Corinto Femme Verte is available on line at Liverpool.

Nibble No More

Biting our nails is something that we have all done at one point or another.

Photo: Jessica

And with the growing spread of the covid-19 pandemic, there are no shortages of reasons to justify the practice.

But if you are planning to go back into the outside world (or even stay home and try to rejoin the ranks of the socially active indoors), it is time to stop biting your nails.

By the way, onychophagia (nail-biting) not only leaves your hands looking rough and unkempt, but is also unhealthy and can lead to infections and permanent disfiguring of your fingers.

Fortunately, Jessica Nails has come up with a foolproof way to stop nail-biting, a one-step nail polish that helps you quit the habit.

Nibble No More is a unique treatment that not only helps stop nail-biting, but also stimulates the growth of healthy, glowing nails.

Nibble No More uses special cactus extracts, which give it a sour, undesirable taste, providing the nails with a chance to grow strong.

Sun-Kissed Glow

Okay, so the quarantine lockdown has kept you from soaking in the sun’s rays (except those few you bits of sunshine can manage to catch on your balcony in the late afternoon, if it isn’t raining).

Photo: Guerlain

But that doesn’t mean you have to look like a cave-dwelling albino who hasn’t seen the light of day for more than a decade.

Brighten up your face and disposition with a flush of bronzer.

Guerlain has introduced two new terracotta bronzing palettes, Terracotta Pacific Avenue and Terracotta Palm Street, inspired in the radiant shine of California grooving.

In Terracotta Pacific Avenue, the terracotta bronzer is combined with Guerlain’s iconic pink blush to give cheeks a subtle rosy glow.

Terracotta Palm Street, on the other hand, incorporates robust corals and peach tones for warmer, more exotic bronzing.

Both of these limited edition Guerlain bronzers come in a stylishly chic, gold-plated compact.

Last Minute Gift for Dad

If you still haven’t gotten your dad a gift for Father’s Day, it’s not too late to remedy the situation.

Photo: Lacoste

Dad’s official day of recognition falls Sunday, June 21 (although we do appreciate him every day), and Lacoste, the high-end sports and casual fashion house started by French tennis great Jean René Lacoste, has temporarily sidelined its iconic little iconic crocodile to replace it with a new crock, one encased in a tiny red heart.

The limited edition L12.12 Polo Merci was created by Lacoste to support and show solidarity with the world’s heroic health workers, who have risked their lives on the frontline in the battle against covid-19.

Lacoste creative director Louise Trotter designed the polo shirt to help raide money for direly needed medical equipment and as a symbolic reference to Lacoste’s values.

The shirt is available in Mexico on line and a Lacoste boutiques, and all proceeds from the sale of the L12.12 Polo Merci will be donated to the actions of the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent around the world.

By the way, thanks to the voluntary commitment of its employees, Lacoste has made more than 200,000 fabric masks in its factories in France and Argentina, almost all of which have been distributed to local authorities and stakeholders.

Mexico on His Sleeves

Or if you want to give your father a piece of Mexican heritage, how about a pair of cufflinks or a ring with that most universally recognized symbol of Mexican heritage, the Aztec Calendar?

Photo: Oro de Monte Albán

Oro de Monte Albán, the only jeweler in Mexico authorized by Mexico’s National Institute of Anthropology and History (INAH) to create reproductions of original pre-Hispanic artifacts, has just released a special Father’s Day collection of cufflinks, pendants, rings and keychains in both gold and silver of this emblemic Mexican archeological image, which represented the cosmic worldview of the ancient Mexica culture.

Oro de Monte Albán is a 100 percent Mexican-owned company that has been in existence since 1943.

The fourth-generation, family-run enterprise prides itself on conserving the beauty of pre-Columbian art styles and handcrafting each piece of jewelry, so each piece is unique, a one-of-a-kind treasure.

Oro de Monte Albán jewelry can be ordered on line from the company’s webpage.

…June 10, 2020

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