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Whether inspired by a desperate desire for direct sunshine and one-on-one social contact, an urgent need to get back to work and make money to pay off bills, or the misguided advise of a delusional president who preaches the gospel that four-leaf clovers and a junk food-free diet will ward off that evil eyes of covid-19, most people in Mexico are now beginning to venture out beyond the self-imposed geographic limits of their front doors.

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And getting back into the swing of life outside our solitary, clothes-optional apartment walls will take some readjusting, as we reexplore the world of makeup, haircuts and, yes, finding ways to match our now-requisite surgical masks to our light-and-airy summer wardrobe.

Assimilating ourselves to the “New Normal” (buzz phrase of summer 2020) won’t be easy, but you can jazz up your spirits and appearance with a few simple updates to your garment and cosmetic wardrobe to help you in your transition out of your four-month hibernation into a world of social interaction (albeit somewhat truncated by new social distancing rules and regulations) with other people.

Hair Begone

Now that it’s summer and your are venturing forth into the world os public scrutiny, you will want to show off yours limbs.

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And if you haven’t bothered to order a new Venus shaver from Superama over the last few months, odds are you either have grown a leg beard or your gams are marred by razor burn from using the same old blade way beyond its appropriate lifetime. (Gillette, the brand which pretty much wrote the book on shaving, recommends not using the same blade for more than five or six shaves.)

There is, of course, the option of Nair and other chemical hair removers, but these can leave skin red and irritated, and that is not exactly the look you are going to be going for.

So, instead, make an appointment with your favorite salon for a professional sugaring (far less irritating than a waxing, and just as effective in removing every last trace of unsightly body hair).

Holiday Sugar Paste is now available in Mexico at select salons, and comes in three different formats: Black, Stardust and Pure Diamond.

The special 100 percent water-soluble, biodegradable Holiday sugaring formula can be used on all parts of the body (yes, even down there) and not only removes hair but conditions skin to leave it softer and brighter.

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And unlike with traditional waxing methods, this revolutionary hair removal system is applied at low temperatures, without the use of the classic removal strips, so there is no burning or pulling.

The treatment also has a peeling effect for smoothed, perfectly depilated skin.

Holiday, based out of Italy, has been producing quality waxing products for more than 45 years and is the Number One brand for depilation in Europe.

Towing the (Brow) Line

Another area of personal hygiene that tends to get neglected without regular beauty salon visits is the brow line.

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Sure, you can pluck away a few stray hairs her and there as you soak in the tub or when you are fresh out of the shower (since your pores are open at this time, it is less painful), but you just aren’t going to get the same perfectly manicured brows that a professional brow mistress can create.

But even if you feel it is still a little to soon to spend 30 minutes face-to-face (albeit with both of you wearing masks) in front of someone who is close enough to see the pupils of your eyes and is literally breathing down your neck, you can still get rid of that untamed, Frida Kahlo look with Revlon’s new ColorStay Browlights.

Available in two double-tone shades — soft brown and dark brown — Revlon ColorStay Browlights gives you that natural-looking brow shape you want in just seconds, without the hassle of hard-to-use eyebrow fillers.

With this foolproof, waterproof eyebrow pencil,  you just can’t get it wrong, and the color stays put for up to 16 hours.

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(And Browlights is great for filling in those “naked” areas where you might have gotten a bit too agressive with the DIY home eyebrow grooming.)

ColorStay Browlights is one part matte eyebrow color, one part glistening sheen, with an ultra-soft kabuki brush for blending, so your brows have a touch of natural-looking luster. 

BB Bloom

If the thought of a heavy foundation on your skin after four months of “going bare” seems a bit radical, try switching to a BB cream instead.

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Naj Oleari, the chic and affordable Italian beauty and skincare line that seems always to be one step ahead of everyone else when it comes to innovation, has a new liquid Blooming BB Foundation that offers a light, natural-looking coverage that is ideal for all skin types.

Blooming BB’s tiny polymer pigments allow the color to adapt to your own skin tone based on your personal chemistry, so the soft, silky texture matches and illuminates your natural color, giving your face an unburdened, fresh glow.

Moreover, Blooming BB Foundation is easy to apply and blends in completely so that there are no telltale lines between where it is and where it isn’t.

Enriched with hyaluronic acid (which plumps skin by maintaining up to 1,000 times its weight in water) and vitamins E and C (nature’s super antioxidants), Blooming BB Foundation even has a SPF15 to block out damaging sun rays.

And all Naj Oleari products are paraben-free and dermatologically proven.

Naj Oleari can be purchased online from Liverpool, the brand’s exclusive distributer in Mexico.

Don’t Leave Home Without It

If you have been neglecting wearing sunscreen while locked indoors (which you really should not have, since the sun’s dangerous rays can penetrate windows and you can also get radiation exposure — known as blue light rays — from your computer and other electronics), it is time to start up again a daily regimen of sun protection.

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SkinCeuticals’ new Advanced Brightening UV Defense Sunscreen FPS 50 protects skin against UV-induced discoloration, and even acts to correct existing spots.

Combining both mineral and chemical UV filters to create a non-sticky shield against UV damage, SkinCeuticals’ residue-free sunscreen uses a lightweight, dual-action formula that is enriched with an array of potent protective ingredients, including 1 percent tranexamic acid and 2 percent niacinamide.

Together, these two ingredients combat uneven pigmentation, with the tranexamic acid helping to inhibit melanin production (melanin, produced in the deepest layer of the skin, is what gives skin its color) and the niacinamide helping to brighten skin and prevent the transfer of melanosomes to the skin’s surface.

Niacinamide also helps to visibly minimize large pores, diminish dullness and strengthen a weakened barrier, while at the same time repairing signs of previous UV damage that can age skin prematurely.

Applied daily, Advanced Brightening UV Defense Sunscreen targets protection from broad-spectrum UV rays and brightens and evens out overall skin tone.

A Breath of Fresh Air

It’s not just women who need to clean up their act after a four-month hiatus from social interaction.

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You men out there could also use a shower and shave (we won’t ask how long it’s been), and — just for the record — Eau de Beer is not an appropriate fragrance for public gatherings.

So why not try out a new scent that is both fresh and inviting with a definite masculine tinge, Carlo Corinto L’Homme?

This sensuously light citrus-and-wood-based eau de toilette is ultra-manly and ultra-elegant, without being overbearing.

Carlo Corinto L’Homme opens with exhilarating notes of wild bergamot, ripe apple blossoms and zesty lemon, followed by a seductive heart of French lavender, Indian sandalwood and Indonesian nutmeg.

The fragrance closes with a prolonged aura of amber, violet leaves and vanilla.

Carlo Corinto L’Homme is available in Mexico, both online and in stores at Liverpool, Sanborns, Sears and Suburbia.

Masculine Face Care

Many Mexican men have let their daily higiene practices slide during lockdown. (Sorry, guys, but it’s true.)

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But now that you are moving back toward basic daily routines, it is a great time to incorporate an antiaging daily skincare regimen designed especially for the man-on-the-go by the Swedish direct sales brand Oriflame, NovAge Men

NovAge’s four-step program is uniquely formulated with bioactive technology for male skin (which tends to be thicker than its female counterpart and have more complications because of facial hair) to reduce the appearance of fatigue, wrinkles and dryness and to increase skin’s flexibility and vitality.

The routine includes a vegetable carbon-based cleanser and exfoliant to remove impurities and excess grease, a restorative eye gel to reduce the appearance of fine lines and bags around the eye region, a deeply hydrating serum with vegetable stem cells that moisturize and refresh, and a antiaging lotion that hydrates for up to 24 hours.

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