New Look 2: Dior Returns to Its Roots

Photo: Dior


Back in 1947, when a then-42-year-old Christian Dior brought out his first collection of women’s fashion, the couturier wanted to create a classic, sensuous line of garments that were feminine, sophisticated and — most importantly — made women resemble inverted flowers.

Photo: Dior

Dior’s unprecedented New Look revolutionized the world of fashion, with his newly opened Parisian design house instantly becoming the touchstone for haute couture for more than seven decades.


Using Dior’s inhouse muse and commercial front for its perfumes, Jennifer Lawrence, as her source of inspiration, Chiuri has created a collection that is sensuous, chic and, above all, ultra-feminine.

The new utterly Dior collection features everything that made Dior’s New Look iconic and eternal, including soft, rounded shoulders, embellished cinched waists and full, A-line skirts made blossomy with layers upon layers of tulle petticoats.

Photo: Dior

Just as Dior’s 1947 collection was a nostalgic slap of opulence and muliebrity in the face of the dull, utilitarian and auster gowns mandated during and shortly after World War II, Chiuri’s new offerings are a revolt against urban punk and neutered nonbinary-ism.

These pieces accentuate and articulate the female silhouette, and revel in the sheer beauty of womanhood, thus capturing the quintessential essence of Dior style.

In keeping with the classic Dior motif, the pieces are minimalistic in terms of fabric choice and colors.

Red and black satins and silks prevail, and prints and patterns are noticeably absent. with the sole exception of an understated polka dot day dress beautifully cinched with a simple, black leather belt.

Even the accessories are toned down from the gigantic, oversized pieces that were Dior’s trademark bags and jewelry just a year ago, with understatement and discreet elegance being the new byword for the brand.

The focus of these garments is inevitably the wearer, and each piece is meticulously crafted to showcase the grace and feminine form of the Dior woman.


…June 23, 2020


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