So Sunday, June 21, came and went and you pretty much blew it in the remember-Daddy department, forgetting completely that is was Father’s Day .and not even bothering to send Dear Ol’ Dad a card expressing your appreciation for all he has done for you over the years.

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But, this year — and this year only — you have the chance to fix your mistake in a uniquely Mexican do-over orchestrated by Mexico City Mayor Claudia Sheinbaum.

No, she wasn’t thinking of you when she decided to move the “official” non-official celebration of Pops in Mexico to Aug. 16 (the real objective of the switch out was to take advantage of the — fingers crossed — end of the covid-19 quarantine and inspire people to go out and spend money on gifts, a much-needed incentive for a crumbling Mexican economy).

But regardless of the commercial motivation for the Father’s Day do-over, you now have a second chance to win brownie points with your dad this year.

(Be sure to mark the date in your agenda this time around, so you don’t repeat your June 21 faux pas,)

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The new August Father’s Day is also a good opportunity to rectify things with Dad for that terrible, three-sizes-too-large, faded AC/DC T-shirt you found at the back of your closet last year and decided to use as a last-minute gift when you suddenly remembered Father’s Day 1 on 11 p.m.

And even if you didn’t forget Father’s Day this year, who’s to say that Pops doesn’t deserve a second day of appreciation?

So, in the spirit of double whammies, second chances and mending strained parental ties, here is a list of some gifts you can give your dad for Mexico’s 2020 Father’s Day, Take 2:

Deep Blue Scent

It is hard to go wrong when it comes to giving Dad a scent.

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Ferrioni’s new Deep Blue Eau de Toillette is a very masculine scent, with no lingering musky undertones.

Ideal for day and night, Deep Blue opens with a fresh breeze of mandarin oranges and wild bergamot, followed by a spicy blend of cardamom, sandalwood and vetiver.

The manly fragrance crescendos into a luxurious close of smoky tonka beans with just a hint of vanilla.

Ferrioni Deep Blue is a clean, honest fragrance that is sophisticated without being pretentious and is suitable for all ages.

It can be purchased in Mexico on line or at Liverpool, Sanborns or Sears.

Diet Boost

There is a good chance that Dad has been a little lax in the dieting department during the covid-19 lockdown (okay, let’s admit it, we all have), so helping him to get his nutritional habits back on track is a good option when it comes to finding a gift for Father Day 2.

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Clear Whey Protein Powder can help jumpstart his nutritional reboot with a tasty jolt of muscle-building energy that also fights love handles and other unwanted fat deposits.

Whey protein is the protein fraction of whey, which is a liquid that separates from milk during cheese production. It is a complete, high-quality protein, containing all essential amino acids.

Whey also helps to fight muscle decline.

Over the years, our muscle mass naturally declines with age, which can lead to fat gain and increase the risk of many chronic diseases.

Great-tasting Clear Whey — in four delicious flavors: cinnamon, chocolate, strawberry and vanilla — helps to reverse muscle deterioration and tone skin while helping to lose weight.

Packed with natural probiotics and digestive enzymes, it also promk’otes a healthy gastrointestinal track.

Oh, Dior!

If  your father is still in the covid-19 sloppy-wear mode — i.e., he hasn’t changed out of that ragged Harley T-shirt from the 1980s and torn bell-bottom jeans that ride so low they show more than anyone wants to see since the lockdown began — give him a reason to want to get dressed up.

Photo: Dior

Dior’s new fall 2020 collection for men is about confort and style, and there is nothing stuffy or antiquated about this chic new collection designed by Dior artistic director Kim Jones.

Inspired by the avant-garde funk of Miami’s South Beach style, the collection’s audaciously bold, and even jolting blend of classic pearl grays, starch whites, earthy browns and navy blues in unexpected graphic graffiti prints and untraditional cuts and combinations (summery Bermuda shorts topped with somber overcoats, business suits matched with high-top sneakers) are Jones’ answer to the brave new post-covid world.

This gender-bender collection has flowered bucket hats (unless your dad is under 40 and/or extremely openminded, you might want to forego this item) and transparent jelly sandals, and blends meticulous haute tailoring with unabashed streetwear sensibilities.

Photo; Dior

The collection also includes an unprecedented part of Dior Air Jordan sneakers that will set Dad’s feet a-jumping.

This is the first-ever collaboration between the iconic basketball brand and the Parisian haute couture fashion house.

Dior has been the last word in fashion for both men and women for over 70 years, never going out of style.

And the brand’s edgy fall 2020 collection is as up-t-the-minute and timelessly classic as Christian Dior’s first big New Look collection back in 1947.

Tee Time

If Dad is a golfer, the new Tag Heuer Connected Watch Golf Edition is guaranteed to please.

Photo: Tag Heuer

This sleek new timepiece is the ultimate app and smartwatch for all golfers, allowing them to track and improve their game.

It provides amazing 3D renderings thanks to a patented Tag Heuer golf app technology.

Greens, bunkers, water hazards, trees: the Tag application measures the distance to all the hazards on the golf course and even recommends which club to use.

It also analyzes the course and evaluates the landscape with high-contrast and clearly visible graphics.

Additionally, the Tag Heuer Connected Watch Golf Edition easily tracks scores and live rankings with optimized displays an individual progress reports after each recorded shot.

…June 24, 2020

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