By now, we should all be used to wearing face masks when going outside. (Plastic face shields provide added protection.)

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And hand sanitizer — composed of at least 60 percent alcohol — should be our Number One accessory of choice.

But just because we pile on the PPE before heading out the door does not mean we should forget about caring for and protecting other aspects of our health, like using sunscreen and caring for our hands and feet (regular manicures and pedicures can prevent ingrown nails and possible infections).

Here are some new products that can help to keep you healthy and beautiful under that N95 surgical mask.

Waterless Pedicure

Ever since the covid-19 pandemic started, we have all gotten used to doing things for ourselves that we used to have done for us — like our nails, for instance.

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And while we may miss those good ole days of old when we could sit in a salon and be pampered hand and foot by a professional beautician, with the virus pandemic still on the uptick in Mexico, we need to continue in our DIY modes for at least a little longer.

That said, there is nothing that keeps us from making our at-home mani-pedis more luxurious, starting with an aroma-therapeutic treatment for our hands and feet.

Avry Beauty has just introduced a trio of new quick, waterless, practically foolproof home pedi kits that require no polish removers, no masks and no cuticle oils.

Available in chamomile, lavender and lush shea butter, these all-in-one kits include a disposable towel, an orange stick, an emery board, a nail buffer and disposable treatment socks to hydrate, soften and nourish skin, all for just 171 pesos each.

And so that your hands don’t feel left out of all this self-indulgence, Avry Beauty also has DIY waterless manicure kits that include the same basics for your fingernails.

You can order both the quick-and-easy pedicures and manicures from the Avry website.

Minerals to the Rescue

One fact of life that has not changed with the covid-10 pandemic is the need to protect your skin on a daily basis from the harmful effects of UV and blue light radiation.

Photo: bareMinerals

And while you may not want to opt for a heavy foundation makeup after so many months of going barefaced, you shouldn’t abandon your sunscreen.

Tinted BB and CC creams with protective SPF filters can double as makeup and sun protection.

bareMinerals has a new three-in-one Complexion Rescue Defense Radiant Protective Veil that moisturizes, provides protection from UV and blue light exposure, and covers with a light mantle of color to even out skin tone.

Complexion Rescue Defense Radiant Protective Veil is the first mineral-based, all-in-one daily shield, formulated for both indoor and outdoor use and enriched with cacao extract to help protect against the damaging effects of blue light with a strong, broad spectrum SPF 30 factor.

Sun protection is crucial in preventing premature aging, but UV rays are just one source of environmental damage to skin.

Pollution and other environmental contaminants can cause irritation and contribute to skin damage, and long-term exposure to blue light from cell phones and computer screens can lead to premature skin aging and skin damage.

bareMinerals Complexion Rescue Defense is a lightweight, multitasking lotion formulated with sugar molecules to help block pollution particles and natural pearl dust for a lit-from-within glow that lasts all day.

It isn’t just your skin that needs protection from the sun.

Photo: Nashi

UV rays can also wreak havoc on your hair, stripping color and damaging follicles.

Fortunately, Nashi, the Italian haircare line that has taken Europe by storm with its customized shampoos, conditioners and treatments, has now created a special line of products called Nashi Argan Sun.

The collection, which includes an after-sun shampoo (replete with a built-in sun protecting UV factor), a reparative mask (to undo all those negative effects of sun, sand and wind), a delicious treatment oil to keep hair soft and smooth (even after a douse of chlorine from pool) and an argan-infused styling spray.

Nashi also has a special limited edition tan-extending argan shower gel that protects and nourished skin, as well as a new Nashi Argan Sun Care Cream Face 50+  sunscreen to protect even the most sensitive skin.

The brand’s unique moisturizing, water-resistant formula is packed with precious antiaging ingredients to leave skin feeling velvety smooth and soft.

Accident Protection

The idea of having to adjust messy pads or struggling with bulky tampon inserters in a public bathroom is the nightmare of any young woman of reproductive age in the covid-19 era.

Photo: Playtex

But Playtex’s new Sport Compact tampons make dealing with “that time of month” a breeze, so you can go outside and even do sports without worrying about leakage.

For years, Playtex has been the Number One athletic tampon producer, and these discreetly pocket-sized are 30 percent smaller than the brand’s full-size tampons, but offer the same 360° sport level protection.

Sport Compact’s flex-fit interlocking fibers work quickly to absorb moisture, and the full-size finger grip inserter makes these tampons easy to use.

Playtex Sport Compact tampons are a great way to protect against leaks during all your favorite activities, whether they entail sports or just hanging out with your friends.

…July 16, 2020


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