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It’s hot, it’s humid and it’s sticky outside.

But with the right wardrobe and beauty products, the dog days of summer need not cramp your Sirius seasonal style.

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In hot weather, cotton. linen and other natural fabrics that can absorb perspiration and keep you fresh are your best bets.

And just like heavy garments are more suited for winter weather than in summer, light, airy, natural-looking makeup is your best option this time of year.

So skip the heavy eyeliners and thick foundation, and opt for soft, earthy tones with a hint of rosy blush or golden bronze.

Try to focus on products with staying power that are packed with SPF, and most importantly, that will keep your face and lips hydrated and plump.

And express yourself in bright, cheery colors that reflect the sultry mood of the season.

Sunny Gorilla

British novelist Rudyard Kipling once wrote that “only mad dogs and Englishmen go out in the noonday sun,” but when the sun is as enticing as it is in Mexico this time of year, it is hard not to be lured outdoors, especially after so many months of covid-19 lockdown.

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And now Kipling has a brand new summer-worthy collection of bags, totes and overnighters that capture the season with a relaxed tie-dye style that screams sunshine fun.

The Kipling Tye Dye collection comes in vivid and creative combinations of denim blues and tangerine oranges.

These mix-and-match pieces are perfect for stashing lunch, papers or a quick change of clothes on warmer weather days.

Inspired in the natural handcrafted styles of the 1970s, Kipling’s Tye Dye collection boasts fluid forms and bright, unhampered colors that combine with practically anything for a sleek, casual look that will keep you fashionable way into fall.

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Rosy Hydration

Keeping hydrated is the key to healthy skin in the summer, and lathering on body cream will keep all that exposed — and not-exposed — flesh radiant and soft.

Avry Beauty’s new Crema Agua de Rosas is infused with natural rose petal extract to embellish you with the universally romantic scent of flowers.

Rose petals have been used for centuries as a natural remedy against antioxidants and other skin irritants that can lead to premature aging.

Available online through In and Out Beauty, Avry Crema Agua de Rosas has an ideally balanced pH level that calms super-sensitive and dry skin, hydrating deeply.

Extreme Face Care

If you have already discovered how great the Nashi Argan haircare line is for your tresses, you will be happy to know that the Italian brand has decided to expand into the skincare market.

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The made-in-Italy three-product hair line starts with an extra Gentle Scrub that exfoliates and helps shrug off impurities and dead skin cells with tiny granules of apricot kernel and jojoba pearls.

Reinforced with organic argan oil and natural glycerin to nourish and hydrate, Nashi Argan Gentle Scrub is suitable for all types of skin and contains vitamin E to protect against  free radicals that can cause premature aging.

Nashi Argan Cleansing Oil can be used daily to remove makeup and other impurities, to leave skin hydrated, luminous and immaculately clean.

And Nashi Argan Radiant face cream is suitable for both day and night to nourish cells while stimulating the body’s natural production of collagen to create a more velvety, resilient and radiant complexion.

Summer in a Bottle

Inspired in the fresh, exuberant scents of a summer dawn, Missoni’s new Eau de Toilette encompasses the lush, effervescent aromas of sensuality and passion, the inner essence of the modern, decisive woman.

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A fruit, mix of fruit, flowers and woodsy scents, Missoni EDT opens with the intoxicating flood of blood oranges, rosehips, nashi pears and French waterlilies.

At the heart of the fragrance is a lavish bouquet of freesia petals, peony, rosyfolia and rosewater essence.

This romantically feminine eau de toilette closes with a fusion of heliotrope flowers, musk, white cedarwood and georgywood.

Available in Mexico exclusively at Palacio de Hierro, Missoni EDT can be ordered online at the store’s website.

…July 22, 2020

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