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Marine turtles have begun to return to their nesting grounds on the beaches of southern Mexican state of Michoacán, state environmental authorities announced on Thursday, Aug. 14.

The turtles traditionally arrive at the start of their breeding season in mid-August.

The breeding season usually extends through March, peeking between the months of September and November.

Each year, Michoacán receives colonies of three of the seven marine turtles that inhabit the Mexican Pacific, the leatherback, the olive ridley and the black turtle.


Michoacán’s Maruata and Colola beaches are the largest black sea turtle nesting sites in Mexico.

The hawksbill turtle is also found in the area.

Management and conservation activities are carried out to protect the turtles at the site.

Turtle watchers sites are set up under government supervision at the Barra de Pichi and Barra de Santa Ana in Playa Azul, as well at Las Peñas, Chuquiapan, La Soledad, Caleta de Campos, Pichilinguillo, Maruata, Colola, Faro de Bucerías, La Manzanillera, Ixtapilla, La Ticla, San Juan de Alima and Boca de Apiza.

…Aug. 14, 2020

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