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In what constituted the largest anti-AMLO march yet, more than 60,000 Mexicans marched from Mexico’s City Revolution Monument to the National Palace on Sunday, Aug. 30.

Photo: Frena

The march included protesters from 22 Mexican states.

The nonviolent march, led by the National Anti-AMLO Front, a nonprofit group that is demanding the immediate removal of Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO), has been organizing progressively larger protest marches and caravans since April of this year in order to create public opinion pressure to force López Obrador’s resignation. (Originally, the protests were conducted in car caravans in order to prevent contact that could lead to the spread of the covid-19 coronavirus pandemic.)

Sunday’s Mexico City protest was reflected in similar marches over the weekend in more than 50 Mexican cities and towns.

On Aug. 5, the group’s founder and leader, Gilberto de Jesús Lozano González, presented a formal demand before the Chamber of Deputies judicial committee calling for AMLO’s immediate and irrevocable destitution from office.

Frena has also registered eight cases before the Mexican Supreme Court against the president, who the group claims has violated both Mexican law and the Mexican Constitution on at least 101 occasions.

Lozano González has said that while AMLO may have been duly elected by the Mexican people, he has, since taking office on Dec. 1, 2018, transformed into a dictator, much in the mold of Venezuela’s Hugo Chávez and Bolivia’s Evo Morales.

So far, AMLO has essentially brushed off the Frena’s weekly protests saying, that it represents a small fringe group of conservative opponents, although the ever-increasing size of the marches are becoming harder and harder for the president to ignore.

…Aug. 30, 2020


  1. Thank you Pulsenews Mexico, very few even almost any media post info about our movement. This is real, Mexico is under a chavist dictatorship that follows the agendo of Sao Paulo forum. We are against to become another Venezuela.
    Thank you!

  2. Despite the movement had been ignored by almost all media in Mexico, FRENA is growing, we are not going to let our beloved country to be taken by socialist -chavist evil people who are looking only for their own good. ¡Mexico, despierta y actúa!

  3. Debe salir porque es un dictador chavista ,corrupto,que está cambiando la constitución a cada momento y no cumple lo que promete y la nación se lo está demandando.

  4. AMLO México no te quiere, no es un pequeño grupo somos millones y somos patriotas, amamos a nuestro México… México no te quiere, ya entiéndelo, estoy en contra fuera AMLO, TRAIDOR!!!

  5. Se escudan en que los otros presidentes y corruptos de su gabinete robaron a manos llenas .
    Este NO SOLO está robando .
    NO ESTÁ haciendo nada por Mexico.
    Estamos estancados
    Solo sus proyectos le interesan
    Y seguir siendo populista , regalando dinero .
    Incluso a otros países de su misma corriente .

  6. The worst president ever. He blames everyone for all the casualties in Mexico. He proclaims all the disasters, economic and social to the so called mafia of the past 70 years … but in less than 2 years, he has led us to 100 years of recession already! And corruption is more open than ever, health is at its worst … socialism is already in place. More than ever, need to have him out of Mexico !!!

  7. He is a communist, we don’t want to be like Cuba or Venezuela. It’s the worst president ever in Mexico.

  8. THÉRÈSE MARGOLIS, thanks a lot for the coverage of our protest against amlo. I have to say, the Mexican news papers and Tv are not covering our movement, perhaps they are threatened or in agreement with amlo. Frena is composed by Mexican citizens (lit is my case) who want to recover the proper conditions in the country in security, health services, economy and so on. We are convinced that amlo government is far away from that purposes, he says every day that his government is taking care for the poor people, also fighting against corruption, but in reality the government is doing exactly the opposite! That are the reasons why we see His resignation as the first step to recover the proper track in México 🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽 #lopezFALSO #López Traidor

  9. Porque no ama a su país, porque cada día lo destruye más Es un ser maligno que ha sacado lo.peor de ka gente. Y porque no somos socialistas!!

  10. Entonces todos los que están aquí diciendo que AMLO es el pero presidente diciendo que es corrupto lo dicen por la libertad de expresión y cuando el Peña Nieto y los otros presidentes del PRI no lo decían por miedo?

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