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When Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO) gave his first State of the Nation Address on Sept. 1, 2019, he gave it to a packed crowd of more than 500 invited guests in the patio of the National Palace.

This year, the turnout will be much smaller, with just 50 people attending in accordance with the government safety guidelines to control the spread of the covid-19 pandemic.

AMLO’s second State of the Nation Address, slated for Tuesday, Sept. 1, at 9 a.m. Mexico City time, will also be held in the National Palace patio, but its delivery is expected to be a much more solemn affair than last year’s address.

Under Article 69 of the Mexican Constitution, the president is required to present a report in writing of to Congress as to the current state of affairs in the country during the official opening of the legislators’ Ordinary Session, usually Sept. 1.

After his oral delivery of the address Tuesday morning, AMLO is expected to send the document to Congress in compliance with this rule.

This year, however, also because of the coronavirus pandemic, the Congressional attendance at the state of the Ordinary Session will be limited, with just 251 or 500 deputies and 65 of 128 senators expected to be present.

During his annual report, AMLO is expected to focus on several key themes, including covid-19, the economy, social programs, education, the fight against corruption and a list of government accomplishments.

In a prologue to the address, AMLO began releasing public media spots late last week touching on these topics, especially those of corruption, social programs and the pandemic.

…Aug. 31, 2020

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