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Air Canada Vacations has become the first major airline in the Americas to offer covid-19 protection to its clients, the Montreal-based company announced this week.

In order to offer its customers a greater sense of safety and confidence during their travels, Air Canada Vacations launched its Covid-19 Coverage and Assistance Plan, designed to cover emergency medical and quarantine expenses if the disease is contracted during an Air Canada holiday.

The program, which is administered by Allianz Global Assistance, represents no additional fees for passengers who book their travel through Air Canada Vacations and includes all flight and hotel packages for Mexico and the Caribbean.

“We are proud to be the first Canadian travel operator to provide emergency medical insurance coverage to our clients through Allianz Global Assistance and TW Insurance Services as part of our travel packages,” said Air Canada Vacations managing director Nino Montagnese.

“Our strategy has always been to offer vanguard safety measures to protect our clients.”

Last month, the airline introduced Air Canada CleanCare+, an industry-leading program committed to end-to-end health and safety protocols that incorporates new biosafety standards and enhanced preventive measures.

Montagnese said that Air Canada Vacations hopes to continue working with Allianz Global Assistance in order to ease their customers concerns regarding the possibility of contracting the disease while abroad.

“Canadians are eager to get back to traveling, but they are more worried than ever about their safety abroad,” said Allianz executive director Chris Van Kooten.

“Now, Air Canada Vacations clients can travel with the assurance that if they were to contract covid-19 during their holidays, their emergency medical costs will be covered.”

“The way people travel and what concerns them during that travel has changed dramatically in 2020,” added Allianz Canada chief medical officer Melissa Castro.

“In this day and age, travel insurance has become a necessary aspect of any vacation, as crucial as a valid passport and visa when traveling internationally, and we have adapted to meet the needs of those travelers in the face of a new global reality.”

All passengers who schedule their vacations to Mexico and the Caribbean via Air Canada between Sept. 4 and April 30, 2021, will be covered by the new program.

…Sept. 4, 2020

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