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While Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador continues to tout his administration’s “exemplary” management in controlling the spread of the novel coronavirus that causes covid-19 infections (despite the fact that the country ranks in fourth place in the number of covid deaths, with nearly 66,000 deceased and almost 611,000 confirmed cases as of late Sept. 2, Amnesty International has pointed out that the nation now leads the world in the number of coronavirus deaths among healthcare workers.

According to an AI report released on Wednesday, Sept. 2, Mexico has registered 1,320 confirmed deaths of doctors, nurses and other medical staff from covid-19 to date, a figure that is considerably higher than that in the United States, with 1,077 such deaths, the United Kingdom, with 649, and Brazil, with 634.

The AI report has reignited debate over Mexico’s low covid-19 testing rate, since less than one in 100 Mexicans has been tested, and countless health professionals across the country continue to report shortages of essential personal protective equipment (PPE).

While the government insists that all medical personnel in Mexico now has access to sufficient PPE, but constant protests by hospital workers would tend to indicate the contrary.

Mexican government statistics released late last month indicated that at least 97,632 nurses, doctors and other medical personnel in Mexico have tested positive for the virus since the pandemic began, representing roughly 17 percent of all cases.

Of those infected, nurses accounted for 42 percent and doctors represented 27 percent.

There remainder of the deaths have been of technicians, cleaning staff and other hospital and health workers.

…Sept. 4, 2020

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