Former Mexican Secretary of Social Development Rosario Robles. Photo: Google


After more than 13 months behind bars, Mexico”s former secretary of Social Development (Sedesol) Rosario Robles Berlanga, was finally released on personal recognizance on Thursday, Sept. 24.

Robles — who was previously denied bail on the grounds that she could be a flight risk by a circuit court judge, Felipe de Jesús Delgadillo Padierna, the nephew of her personal adversary Federal Deputy María de Dolores Padierna Luna — is facing charges in the notorious Master Fraud scam, in which, according to the nation’s Federal Finance Auditor, billions of pesos were deviated both through Sedesol and the Secretariat of Agrarian and Urban Territorial Development (Sedatu), which she also headed under former Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto.

Robles has repeatedly claimed that she is a “scapegoat” in current Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador’s (AMLO) ongoing blood quest against his predecessor Peña Nieto, who he has openly accused of being corrupt despite the fact that there have been no legal charges raised against him.

Robles will still have to face trial on the charges against her, which is currently being reviewed under Mexico’s snail-paced legal system.

Her lawyer, Epigmenio Mendieta, told reporters that under the new ruling, she will be allowed to remain at large until and unless she is proven guilty of the charges filed against her

Tentatively, Robles will face trial on Oct. 9, although that date could be posponed for another month.

…Sept. 25, 2020

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