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The global covid-19 death toll is fast approaching one million people, according to the World Health Organization (WHO), and that number could easily double even with the release of a viable vaccine.

Unless there is “concerted international action,” the novel coronavirus contagion will continue to spread unabated, WHO Emergencies Director Mike Ryan warned over the weekend.

Since the first case of covid-19 emerged in China late last year, there have been about 32 million confirmed cases of the virus, although that figure could be sorely underestimated due to underreporting and undertesting in multiple countries.

The onset of the cold weather flu season in the Northern Hemisphere is already producing a second surge in covid cases.

Up until now, the countries with the highest incidence of infections are, in order, the United States, India and Brazil, collectively representing more than 15 million cases, with Mexico in a close fourth place at more than 77,000 (the real number of deaths in Mexico estimated by most international analysts to be much higher, perhaps double that figure).

…Sept. 28, 2020

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