Photo: Jaime Ibiza


Mexican handbag and accessory designer Jaime Ibiza is no greenhorn in the fashion industry, and he has always been trailblazer of new styles.

Photo: Jaime Ibiza

For the last 10 years, he has been setting trends and defining moda across the country with his wildly popular, ultra-chic clutches, totes and satchels that exude contemporary refinement and upbeat originality.

Drawing on his family’s over 40 years of experience in the leather and accessories industry, Ibiza has, in the scope of just one decade, managed to catapult his innovative brand into the global market, helping to make the “Made in Mexico” label synonymous with dernier cri and uncompromised craftmanship.

Based out of Guadalajara, Ibiza has consistently incorporated the richness of Mexican indigenous culture into his voguish designs, while at the same time keeping pace with current global trends.

And while he has adapted his bags to accommodate the demands of modern practicalities (lots of compartments for organization, easy-to-clean surfaces that won’t stain), his impeccable commitment to detail gives each of his purses a sophisticated polish that makes the Ibiza brand a favorite of handbag zealots both in and out of Mexico.

Photo: Jaime Ibiza

Ibiza’s lavish use of opulent gold metallic clasps and trim, along with his signature cloverleaf crest and tassels, have always given his bag a well-appointed touch of style, and his unabashed use of color and textures have distinguished them as must-buy arm candy for the obsessive fashionista.

But this season, Ibiza has upped his game, transitioning his designs from trendy to timeless by imposing an unexpected restraint and subtleness on his usually stand-out, statement-making silhouettes in his new collection, Transcendencia.

Undaunted by a slack in sales due to the global covid-19 pandemic, Ibiza has plowed ahead with upgrading his latest collection, introduced late last month via an online video trunk show.

And while there was no mistaking the trademark Ibiza style (yes, the cloverleaf and metal trims are still there), his decennial anniversary collection is, without a doubt, his most refined and elegant offering yet.

Photo: Jaime Ibiza

The understated grace and subdued elegance of the Ibiza fall/winter 2020 collection displays a new-found composure and maturity.

No longer is the designer trying to keep up with the here-today-gone-tommorrow trends of fast fashion.

Gone are the cutesy images of Mickey Mouse and Snoopy and the flashy glitz of rhinestones and sequins that dominated his 2018 and 2019 collections.

Monotone hues and a reserved use of animal prints (mostly crocodile) give these new bags a perennial hauteur that put them on a par with purses from the likes of Chanel and Vuitton (although they are far more affordable).

He has even included some quilted bags with vintage frames.

Photo: Jaime Ibiza

In keeping with Ibiza’s longstanding commitment to provide the perfect purse for every woman and lifestyle, the collection includes designs in all colors and sizes, including the oh-so-popular-in-2019 itsy-bitsy mini purse, although slouchy mega-totes are notably absent.

These are bags that will be as gracious and elegant in five years as they are now, bags that will be eternally stylish and sophisticated, bags that can take you from the grocery store to the opera.

And they are bags that appeal to every age group.

The decision to move from trendy to classic was a brave one for Ibiza, especially given the current uncertainty of the global fashion market, but then again, Jaime Ibiza has always gambled on the cutting edge, and this time around, it is sure to pay off.

Photo: Jaime Ibiza

…Oct. 15, 2020

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