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Don’t take life seriously because it’s not eternal. That’s why Mexicans merrily celebrate the Day of the Dead.

But among age old customs associated with the holiday, would-be Mexican poets often write verses about the arrogance of the living, letting them know that power is likewise not eternal.

Yet their bones are here to stay.

Here are some sample political poems. These verses are meant as satirical, as custom indicates:

To Donald Trump

You boasted your name as eternal

Some say politics under you is infernal,

No matter, win or lose,

One day you’ll be gone,

As a hunted-down moose.

To Andrés Manuel López Obrador:

You once said upon winning the presidency,

“This rice is cooked.”

You’ve lived high only to glorify

a long row of wrongs to mend

But yes, we know, even when in your tomb,

You will cry:

“This is not the end.”

To Joe Biden

Indolent to the vice presidency of power,

You never understood life is not eternal,

Yet you kept going,

For your dream may only be ephemeral.

…Nov. 2, 2020












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