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The year 2020 is finally getting ready to wrap up, and none too soon for most of us, what with the covid-19 pandemic, the global economic turndown and — lest we forget — the now-almost universal practice of WFH (work from home).

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Yes, we are all going to be celebrating the end of 2020 come Dec. 31, and definitely hoping that the world will be dealt a better hand in 2021.

A lot of beauty and fashion companies (which have all been hit hard by the pandemic) are also betting on an improved bottom line for 2021, and are rolling out some end-of-2020 specials and promising new products for 2021.

Here are some you might want to check out to help you face the new year with a happier — and more beautiful — disposition.

Let There Be Gifts

The holiday season is also the gifting season, and Dior has whipped a selection of exceptional makeup and perfume gift packages for the end-of-year presents that are sure to please.

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For those women who are J’Adore fanatics (and who isn’t?), there is a jeweled J’Adore eau de parfum and handy little atomizer kit that is now available exclusively in Mexico at Liverpool.

Accentuating the freshness and sensuality of the most beautiful flowers, the iconic floral bouquet of J’Adore is a magnificently balanced and multifaceted vision – an ode to fearless women.

Also at Liverpool, as well as at Palacio de Hierro and Sears, you can find a sumptuous treasure trove of three different interpretations of the romantically seductive scent of Miss Dior.

The florally bouquet of Miss Dior is a hymn to love, emblematic of Dior’s femininity and couture spirit, a tailormade trail with a modern, rebellious and elegant character that was inspired by Christian Dior’s mischievous little sister.

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And be sure to check out the Dior Rouge lipstick holiday makeup kits, with six to-die-for crimson shades.

The refillable snowflake-engraved lipstick set comes in a limited edition couture makeup case based on a winter wonderland and adorned with an enchanting gold décor.

You can also cross off the man in your life from your gift list with a Dior Sauvage or Fahrenheit EDT gift set.

And if you really want to splurge (like on yourself, for instance), why not celebrate the holidays with a Maison Christian Dior scented collection, with a perfume, a hand and body cream, and a sweet-burning candle to inundate your home with that unmistakable scent of your favorite perfume.

Skin Upgrade

It’s time to treat your complexion to a skincare upgrade, and Guerlain’s exclusive Orchidée Impériale line is a great way to pamper and repair your skin while indulging in the luxury of rare orchid extracts.

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Orchidée Impériale is an exceptional complete care range, renowned for its effectiveness on the signs of skin aging and the sensory pleasure of its textures.

It perfectly embodies the spirit of excellence for which Guerlain is known, as well as the latest discoveries in skin longevity, unique formulation knowhow and a rare and precious raw material, the orchid.

A true phenomenon of longevity, the orchid — with over 30,000 known varieties — is the most highly developed species in the plant kingdom.

Fifteen years ago, Guerlain, convinced of its potential to reverse fine lines and other early signs of aging, established the first-ever orchid research center, the Orchidarium, a platform that spans three countries, each playing a key role in the preservation of orchids and ensuring access to the benefits of their unique properties.

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The multinational Guerlain Orchidarium includes a biodiversity nature reserve in China, an experimental garden in Geneva and a basic research laboratory in Strasbourg, France.

And all that carefully culled knowledge has gone into making the entire line of Orchidée Impériale products — from its original, lush, cell-respiration cream to its new age-defying Black collection, with the potent power of the rare Peruvian Andes black orchid — a true testimony of exotic flower power.

The Orchidée Impériale line has been such a big success worldwide that Guerlain is planning to introduce a new brightening serum to the collection in early 2021, expected to be its most effective serum yet, making for one more reason that the end of 2020 cannot comes soon enough.

Get a Running Start

And as we prepare for 2021, why not get a running start with a new, out-of-this-world pair of sports shoes?

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The German multinational sportswear brand Adidas has just teamed up with Disney to create a special Mandalorian collection of classic tennis shoes.

Luke Skywalker will have nothing on you as you step into the galaxy with this ultra-chic footwear that is sure to project you into the future with style.

The Adidas Originals silhouettes are transformed into the galaxy’s greatest footwear.

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