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Intentional homicides in Mexico rose slightly in October compared to the previous month, Undersecretary of Public Security Ricardo Mejia said Thursday, Nov. 19.

Mexico registered 2,944 intentional homicides in October, 211 more than in September, Mejia said at a press conference, presenting a monthly security report.

However, the Mexican government’s strategy to contain violent crime appears to be working, he added.

“We are continuing along the line of containment,” Mejia said.

“The exponential growth that was taking place from 2015 to date has stopped.”

Between January and October, Mexico registered 29,182 cases of intentional homicide nationwide, with six of the country’s 32 federal entities concentrating 52 percent of cases.

In 2019, the homicide rate rose 0.1 percent, a significant slowdown from the 1.3 percent increase in the previous year.

…Nov. 20, 2020

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