Just days after reaching one million confirmed cases of covid-19 infections, the Mexican government reported Thursday, Nov. 19, that its accumulated death count from the disease had now surpassed 100,000.

According to the Mexican Public Health Secretariat, as of late Thursday afternoon, 100,104 people had died of coronavirus infections, and there were 1,019,543 confirmed cases nationwide.

Speaking at an evening press conference, José Luis Alomía, the secretariat’s director general de epidemiology, said that the number of suspected but unconfirmed covid cases in Mexico now amounted to more than 74,000.

For the moment, he said, every state in the country still has sufficient access to hospital beds and ventilators, but a growing surge in cases could put a strain on government health resources.

Worldwide, there are now nearly 57 confirmed covid-19 cases, according to Johns Hopkins University.

…Nov. 20, 2020


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