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In yet another about-face decision, the Mexican Episcopate Conference (CEM) announced Tuesday, Nov. 24, that the nation’s iconic Virgin of Guadalupe Basilica will be closed from Dec. 10, through Dec. 13 to prevent the spread of covid-19,

On Saturday, Nov. 21, the CEM issued a statement announcing that the basilica would remain open for limited Dec. 12 (Virgin of Guadalupe Day) observances, but under strict sanitary restrictions, following having tentatively said last week that it would remain closed that day.

The religious holiday, which pays homage to Mexico’s patron saint, usually includes mass pilgrimages from across the country, with many of the devout making the trek on bleeding knees and spending countless hours inside the basilica’s premises praying to the Virgin Mary.

But this year, the CEM has decided to close its door during this period to prevent mass gatherings that could lead to covid-19 infections.

CEM officials are now calling on Catholic dioceses across the country to discourage pilgrimages and large groups of the faithful to prevent the spread of the covid-19 pandemic.

Virtual services from the basilica will be broadcast throughout the country.

And to further discourage pilgrimages to the site, the Mexico City government announced on Tuesday, Nov. 24, that both the Line 6 La Villa-Basílica and Line 3 Potrero Metro stops will be closed from Dec. 10 through Dec. 14.

…Nov. 24, 2020



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