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While the Mexican Congress is on the verge of legalizing both the medicinal and recreational use of cannabis, not everyone in the country is in favor of that move.

In fact, according to a study conducted by El Financiero newspaper this week, 58 percent of Mexicans are opposed to legalization of the drug.

The study, which was conducted via enquiries over the phone, indicated that the main division between those who are in favor of the bill and those who are opposed is based on age

Mexicans over age 40 overwhelming against legalization, while those under 40 are mostly in favor of it.

On Nov. 19, the Mexican Senate approved the legalization under government supervision of production and distribution.

The bill then went to the Chamber of Deputies, which is expected to pass it.

Under the new law, if passed, people will be allowed to possess up to 28 grams of marijuana, which must be purchased from a government-approved merchant, and up to four marijuana plants in their homes.

Marijuana will not be allowed to be consumed by minors or in smoke-free environments.

Marijuana use is legal in both Canada and Uruguay.

…Nov. 25, 2020


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